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September 2004

Priceline and Hotwire

I don't use Priceline or Hotwire for air travel (except in rare occasions) and I haven't found their rental car deals to be that great, but you can really get some great deals on hotels. I just stayed at the 4-star Hyatt in Austin overlooking the waterway for just $50 per night (plus fees and taxes) by using Priceline. And, I have booked some good hotel/car deals at Hotwire from time to time.

I can't go into an exhaustive explanation on how to use these sites, but if you are interested in saving serious money on travel, check out Priceline and Hotwire.

A helpful site with tips on using both services is . . .

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A La Carte Cable

The FCC is considering allowing local cable companies to price cable services to its customers on an a la carte basis. This would mean that to some extent, cable subscribers would be able to choose and pay for only the channels they wanted. Instead of packages such as basic, extended basic, digital, etc., customers would pick and pay for only the specific channels they wanted.

Many Christian broadcasters are concerned about this decision, because it is possible that networks such as TBN and INSP will lose a lot of subscribers if people have to select and pay for those channels instead of having them included automatically in a package.

However, many parents groups support the move since it would allow parents to exclude offensive channels from their cable service package.

Here's a couple of stories to read if you are interested -