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Cherry Bradshaw Patterson

Message to Terry.
I am researching my ascestors and I all I know about the Bradshaw side is my fathers father was Keen Bradshaw and his wife was Bessie. My father, Ingram Bradshaw (now deceased) told me he grew up in the Big Thicket. He had a couple brothers, one was Alfred and a sister - that's all I have. You are look just like my father, is there a chance you are related and perhaps have some leads I could follow to learn something about my family.

Jackie Parsons

I would like to get intouch with Terry Bradshaw and invite him to a Fundraising Event in Shreveport, Louisiana. We are all pround of him here and would like him to be one of the Celebrities at our event.

Lou Martin

January 15,2012
Just fininshed reading your book, "Keep it Simple". Really impressed with it...would be interested in talking to you about it through your email. If you don't do that, I understand.
Look forward to talking with you,
Lou from Pittsburgh

karen joy kerns

Terry, I love watching you on T.V., especially with Jay Leno. You are so genuine and funny. Even though you have been through life's difficulties you keep on getting back up. That's what it is all about. I've wanted to be with you for years. Even though I've only been divorced for four. I had fun zip-lining in Puerto Rico. We could also go paragliding. That's the one where you jump off the mountain. It's a blast. You can scream like a little girl if you want. I am a funny and strong Christian who would love to meet you and maybe more. Karen Joy

Cindy Nolan

Hi Terry,
I am a 53 yr old woman. Divorce with 2 grown, married Daughters & 4 really Sweet Grandchildren. I saw you, again, on the Jay Leno Show last night. You look absolutely Great. Your weight loss is sensational. You have said that the 1 thing that you would like to do in 2012 is to get remarried. I, really would Love to meet you and see where We will go. I know all about you & would Love for you to get to know me as well. What I have learned over the years about you has made me fall in love with you. I would truly Love for you to be my "Bayou Bumkin". Well???? I see my email address will be send to you and is hidden so PLEASE get back to me because...


al   walker

terry i am one of your greast fans have your football signed and book but would like to have your shirt i have signed would like to send it to you and send back with autograph

Terri   (I have a picture if you want to see me since I have seen you

TERRY I don't know if you'll get this, but I enjoy your humor and laughter. I know you knew Dale Earnhart Sr. and NASCAR is starting soon. I would enjoy so much if I could meet you and watch a Nascar race with you. I know you have half interest in Nationwide car and maybe that has changed but I know you like NASCAR as well as I do. Please respond as it would make my day. You would enjoy me too as I love to laugh and I am a Christian. Hope to hear from you soon.

Robin Star Stewart

Hi Terry I just watched the Carolina-Atlanta game. Terry we all know that you may be gettin old and some day have your own rocking chair in the rest home for quarter back's but before you do please come to N.C and teach the quarterback how to Play Football. We just can't stand to see N.C be beaten down like a wet dog again. And P.S we don't care if you have your own naked room Ha Ha. Your one of the best and it take's the best to teach someone how to be the best. Thank's crying in Wilmington N.C again

Joseph Zeidler Sr

Mr. Bradshaw, My name is Joseph and I am a father with a blended family of 12 children. Our youngest son Justin Died May 15th 2010 from contaminated well water. As you might imagine life has been hard these past 9 weeks without him. I own a commercial cleaning service but have been unable to pull it together to continue for now, the pain is just so hard. My wife is a CNA and has been on a leave of absence with a lack of desire to continue in the career.
Is there any way I am able to contact you about getting a signed item or two for our familys benifit auction?
Please if you read this respond to:

Christine Buffkin

Hey Terry
Keep Jesus in you life and you will always have unspeakable joy and peace that surpasses understanding. It was so exciting to hear that you are saved. God has a great purpose in your life, as you are reaching so many with your testimony.
Christine Buffkin
Pittsburgh, PA

John E Jonas, TSgt, USAF (Ret)

I saw Terry Bradshaw on Fox News this morning supporting troops.

Terry - if you get this - there is an urgent need to get an American Memorial placed on the island of Attu, Alaska.

Will you help?


I must say you are a catch. I am going to be blunt. I would love to take you out to dinner anytime you are in Chicago or New Orleans.


Terry I have spent many an hour looking for a way to send you a message - in care of Fox or whatevet - so as i last resort i am trying this. I can remembwr you visiting my my neighbors in Port Neches, tex. when you played at La.

I think there name was stout - just wondering if you still know them and to what I am referring

Is there a Fox tv mail to which one can send email for you?

Thanks From Texas -ken.

Jane Hildreth

I am excited about your participation in the Get Motivated! Seminar 9/17/09 in Des Moines, IA. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet you. I have preserved a jar of "Terry's" peanut butter and would be thrilled to have you sign it.

Rob Scott

Dear Mr. Bradshaw,
My wife is a football fan and also a depression suffer. I am having trouble getting her to treatment because she feels people will think she is crazy.
If you could call or e-mail with a few words of support it would be great!!!

Katie Jones

Mr. Bradshaw , my great-grandparents were named Bradshaw. They had 2 sons and 3 daughters ,(2 were twins) one of the twins was my grandmother . Was your Grandfathers name Beverly? We all called him Uncle Pete? He had a brother named Jack ,and sisters named Ever , Bobbie & Johnnie (the twins) .Please let me know?
Thank You ,
Katie Jones

Parker Meador

A young man recently survived a shotgun blast to his face and is in the ICU at UAMS in LIttle Rock, AR. He is a big Steelers fan and if Terry Bradshaw reads this post I would think Heath would love to get an email from him and an encouraging word. He has a long road of recovery and I am just trying to think of ways to lift his spirits and keep his mind occupied while he undergoes the many surgeries and obstacles laid in front of him....thanks for your time and God Bless!

C mooney

Ebay has a great Terry Bradshaw Bobble head. I think He is bidding on it for himself!

Christine Rozman

Hello Terry,

I just came across this site and I see the last time anyone posted to you was in 2005 so this is a long shot if you actually get this!

It is documented that you used the Acuscope and Myopulse microcurrent/ electro-stim machines for injuries back in the days of the Steel Curtain. Did you know by using the Acuscope headband and ear clips on a regular basis will diminish depression? I'm working with ABT (Advanced BioMedical Technologies) one of the Acuscope distributors and have seen dozens of chronically depressed people get off their anti-depressant drugs by using the Acuscope. It's amazing how the anti-depressants also inhibit one's true self . . . it's glorious to get your 'whole self' back when getting off the drugs.

Hope you get this!


Chris Rozman

PS I grew up in Pittsburgh and met you many times in the early 70's - needless to say I'm still a 'Stillers' fan.

Joel Schaeffer

I am a retired high school football of 36 years and can honestly say I know a bit about football. However there is something that goes on at the beginning of a pro football game these days that I do not understand. Why do a substantial number of players when they are introduced in the starting lineups give thier high school attended rather than thier college attended ?
Almost seems disrespectful to the colleges they attended .

Jason Gibbs


I have a son who is a very promising High School QB he was diagnosed 2yrs ago with Major Depression. I always thought he just got down the fall because football season was over. Now they are saying they are certain he suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder and that is the cause of his "winter slump" he started medication this year after a devestating episode last year. In his room for weeks couldn't find the motivation for school, weight training none of his usual activities. The medication has helped tremendously however here we are in January and I can see a difference in him, we have gloomy winters here.

He is a Jr and we are in the contact period right now he is talking to college coaches, he seems set on a school in the south because he NEEDS sunlight in the winter. Anyhow my first question is, at any point in your own battle with depression did you feel it was seasonal at all?

My son is fine in the summer, but come playoff time in the fall he is sleeping more, socializing less, performs fine on the field just can seem to perform any place else. He just started light therapy in addition to medication. I guess my worry is this condition may harm his chances for a college scholarship. He is very good and we have big schools calling but I am hesitant to tell them about it. I haven't even used my real name here. So my second question is what would your advice be to us as far as what to/not to tell college coaches?



How does a interested woman get in contact with you?



You have the best personality and you would be the ideal man to have a first date with. Interested...? Let's talk!

I am a southern girl about 12 years younger and waiting to meet a nice southern guy like you....

I hope you'll send me an email and we can get to be would be great fun!

Hope you read this!

Steve Wheeler


I grew up in Erie PA and would my dad would drive to Pittsburgh to watch you play. My favorite games were when you played against the Oakland Raiders. They were always nail biting games! Through the years I've collected a number of autograph footballs. I would love to send you a football for you to sign and place it next to Ken Stabler's autographed football. I tell my kids that when the Steelers played it was always a exciting time. I would appreciate if I could send you a football for you to sign. Thanks in advance. Steve


Mmmhhh...Honestly.. does TB really read any of these articles??


I have always been a Terry Bradshaw fan and I watch the Jay Leno show whenever he is going to be on. But I have never been more of a fan than when I saw him on the 700 Club. He truly touched me. Just wanted to let him know that his courage in battling depression and ADD is an inspiration to us all. No one, but someone who has experienced some of the same things,would ever believe he has had self doubts or felt dumb because he is so cool and funny. My 23 year old son has gone thru some of the same things Terry talks about and as I have found out, is the person toughest on himself. But God, in his unfailing love, nevers thinks your worthless. I'm glad Terry found that out and I hope he continues to remember how valuable a person he is to God and all his adoring fans. You're the greatest Terry. Suzanne


Have seen the cute NFL theme park rides on the ads for your halftime show. Why don't you and Howie and Jimmie and the others on the show really build a sprots theme park. Football. baseball, basketball, Nascar, golf, etc. Think of the people who would go and emerse themselves in their favorits sport in a park. Might be a real money maker

Tiffany Moilan

Forgot to leave my email address Thanks again.

Tiffany Moilan

Hi Terry,

So today I was watching the pregame show on Fox and I wanted to try and contact you in regards to your commentary about benefits for ex-nfl players. I have been trying to contact the NFL commissioner in regards to the same thing, but of course no luck. Although my concern is a cry out for desperate need of help for my brother who participated in the league. It does not involve a need for monetary benefit, but a medical benefit. I feel like my concern is a subject not discussed a lot because of the bad publicity the NFL would get. If there is anyway you can lead me in the direction I need to go in order to see if I can get some help for him; I would greatly appreciate it. It would me saving my brother, who I love and is an amazing person. Thank you Terry keep up the good work, you are one of the best and an amazing person, the NFL needs you!

Charlotte Rauch

I need to get Terry Bradshaws email or address. I;m and x football player I played for the New York Fillies, the first female Pro team

Pattie Grove

Dear Sir,

We purchased a Terry Bradshaw NFL
Jersey 3 years ago. this year for Christmas he would like it framed. He'll even pay for half if can get it done. What I would love to do is get Terry Bradshaw's signature on it. He would just be thrilled (as I would also!) Is there any chance of that happening?
Thanks, Pattie from Lilly, Pa.



can you please call Greta van Susteren and tell her what's gonna happen with Brett Favre?

She's a cheesehead on FoxNews and her show is On The Record.

I love you man.

Layne in Houston

Hope all is good and that life is turning around; really miss all the fun & parties & family in the past and looking forward to seeing Rachael become a star.
Layne in Houston

Billy R. Hanson Jr.

Dear Terry"Meally Mouth" Bradshaw,as far as I'm concerned,the Pittsburg Steelers play like a bunch of women!Now,quit putting down the Detroit Lions or else I'm going to recomend to Fox Sporting News that they fire you & find someone else!!!!!

John J Bradshaw

Terry I just posted a message to you I am vice president of a company in Houston if you are willig to call me my number is 713-825-0998

John J Bradshaw

Terry I grew up believing that you were a distant cusin of mine. Truth be told I come fro a long line of story tellers and the name bradshaw may be the only thing that we have in common. but my great grand father is from louisiana his na,e is Roy Bradshaw his son is Max Bradshaw and my father born in Houston, tx is Michael earl bradshaw i would not even send this if my great grand father did not look a lot like yor and the trate has carried down even to me but i may only have a little resembelence to you. I hate to say in the 70's I was a cowboy fan mostly out of family rebellion but Roger was my quarter back at that time I will say that at this time youhave all of y respect and you are my favorite quarter back now My wife even went on line to buy your rookie card for me and I have alot of cards but I dont even have rogers card. I live in Houston, Tx and my message has more thae hope one is to find out if I am really related to you, second is to see if I could ever meet you I would love to have you i n my homm if possibal, third I would love to have your artigraph.


After reading this, and with the possibility that you might check this website once in a while, I thought I'd take a shot...what have i got to lose. I am an attractive 54 yo female that would love to go out on a date with you. I'm sure i'm not the first to ask...probably won't be the last, but I live about an hour south of Pittsburgh, and if you are ever in the area.....I've always enjoyed watching you on TV, and the last time I saw you on Jay Leno, my first thought was...I wanna go out with him. lol. I know...strange...but hey....what have you got to lose. I've been searching to see if you have a personal website, but to no avail. Hope to hear back from you. I do know what you look like, and if you do read this and want some pics of me...I would be happy to oblige...they will be fully clothed by the way. Very tasteful.


Dear Terry Bradshaw,
My cousin was kicked in the face by a horse here in Texarkana, AR. Please read this: We are not asking for a monetary hand out, just any item you can discard. Of course the greatest gift you can give is to remember her in your prayers and for you to be present at the fund raising ‘celebrity item auction’ we are planning. We do realize you are a very busy man and will probably not be here but are hoping and praying that you will donate a personal item. You are loved and admired by the people in our area more than anyone I know of. For additional info and a picture please open this link:

you (or your people) can contact me at:

or mail your item to:
2807 Sanderson Lane
Texarkana, AR 71854

Sincerely and may GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

robyn blaikie

need to talk to you if possible . this is tom blaikie's daughter. if you happen to read this, please email me.

Kris MacIntyre


I work for a student loan servicing company in Helena, "Montana" (celebrity country!) and one of our biggest fundraisers which supports scholarships for MT students is a wonderful golf scramble which will be held in Aug. 2008. I would really love a chance to visit with you - to see if we'd have any possibility of getting you to come! You have been a fan of mine since I heard you speak in Great Falls, Montana at a Luther League Convention when I was in high school around 1970 or 71? (and you had a beautiful wife with you as well!!)
I'm hopeful that you'll answer...
take care~

j &j  Friesen

Terry, you are a kick in the pants. I know nothing about football and only know from the comments that you were a player. Wait until Jay Leno gets a hold of that one liner. Ha.. You are way older than I am by a month and find you so funny on the Jay Leno show. Is that really you or does he bring the best out . I look forward to seeing you on the show as I can't stop laughing. Thanks for the entertainment. I love laughing at good down right comedy. I love how you make fun of yourself.
I moved to the Seattle area however you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl.Good luck on your future endeavors.
I'm still laughing from last night. Tonight Show--Jay Leno. Remember???

Bob Miller

I traveled with you to SDiego some time back and enjoyed your company. I just watched a CHICKEN CPR video clip from a Jay Leno show. Your reaction brought tears to eyes from laughter. Everyone needs a gut wrenching laugh like that to stay healthy.





sonya sommers

Terry Bradshaw is one classy and funny guy.
An Arizona Fan


Mr. Bradshaw,
I just wanted to say thank you. I enjoyed watching you and the Steelers throughout my junior high years and all the superbowl wins. I'm a fan who has never left the wagon! Win or lose Steelers are #1. I have enjoyed watching you on fox and enjoy your humor and love for life. Please take care and keep giving as you do! We love you and all you do!

Your Ohio Fan,
Lynnan :)

Jan Irvin

Dear Terry Bradshaw,
I am located in Texarkana, just north of Shreveport. My cousin, Elaine Ferri, had a horrible accident a few months ago and I am trying to organize a fund raiser to help with her medical expenses. (please google 'elaine ferri horse' for more info). Will you please contact me: or call me at 870-779-7676. I know you have a wonderful christian heart and will help us with this if your schedule allows. Many thanks in advance for replying and may GOD bless you !!!!!!!!!

dena robinson

I am making a bucket list. Number 2 on my list is a road trip with Terry Bradshaw.Packing some red licorice and a Dr Pepper, Also my hiking boots.Much fun to be had!Dena

John Sexton

I am 73 and retired Navy and not in the habit of doing this but want to tell you that I have been a fan of your since the days at Pittsburg and stiil am.
I get sick of hearing who is the greatest quarter back and like you i find many that were great but i also know that you were a as tough as they come especially calling all the plays with out a play book on your wrist as well you hit and blocked like a line backer.
You didnt play with all the safety rules to protect the QB like to day. As for your attacks of depression i fully understand that as well as i had the same problems for twenty years from stress of Navy job and also a divorce. My hats off for any one that can over come this problem, as you know those days very little was known or understood of the effects or the reasons,,i had to battle the Navy every day to keep my Job and to perform my duties on the flight deck of a air craft carrier.
But to recap, i think you are the best QB ever, you gave me and my sons great week ends in the Pittsburg days,,thanks,,,i still enjoy watching you on FOX,,,,Take care old man,,,and all the best.John Sexton

Frank D

Lost one of my favorite CD's. Is a collection of CW music by various artists. Had Terry singing "Take Me Back to Tulsa" with Tanya Tucker, among others in the collection. Also Dolly Parton performing "Billy Dale". Can't remember the name of the CD, but want to replace it. Can anyone give me the name of the CD?

Rene Moryl

hello Terry! I am a christian athletic trainer/runner. I am 58, born Sept 20, 1949. I have always been a fan and wanted to introduce myself. God completely changed my life in 1980. I feel a kindrid link to you and would love to write you and see if we truly do have as much in common as i think. Anyway, i dont want to sound like a crazy fan, it is not that at all...i guess just wanted to see if i could reach you...take care and God bless. Rene

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