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Gary C

Terry Bradshaw is a complete jerk. He has always been and always will be. He tries to be funny but on FOX sports, but all we see is his stupidity. He is nothing but a back county hick Jerk.

Aaron Johnson

Dear Terry,
I am Aaron. I am trying to figure out if you are in my geneology. Maybe you can give me some names of your ancestors??? It would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail address is
Thank you.

Aaron Johnson

Hi Chris. I am Aaron. I am also trying to find out if I'm related to Terry Bradshaw. Did you get his contact info?? Maybe you know more about his geneology than I do. Could you help me out??? Thanks.

Karen Cluster

Hello Mr. Bradshaw,
I too have suffered depression for many years, and with the help of doctors was able to find just the right medication to keep me on an even keel. I am thankful that having depression doesn't embarrass me as it does quite a few people, and I wish they'd all get help. It's no fun being at the bottom when everyone else assumes you're at the top! Depression runs in my family, and in fact I lost an uncle to it, as he quit taking Prozac for no reason, and committed suicide.
I am very thankful to you for not hiding the fact that you've suffered all these years, and I believe it takes a hell of a man to admit that he is not perfect.
I couldn't help but see how many women there are wanting to meet you and help you with either their problems or yours! You'll never want for a date for quite some time...I might as well throw my hat into the ring also, but I'd want to visit your farm and see all your horses, rather than you take me to an elegant, quiet little dinner... I grew up wanting to be a horse, because people were always asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I figured well that must mean I CAN be anything I want to be, and I have always loved horses, the smell of them, the smell of hay, and a dusty old barn, the smell of the leather on a saddle...Because my father was in the military and we had to move frequently I could never have a horse, until Daddy retired at Ft. Rucker, and I finally had my dream come true!! Alas, I only had Babe (my horse) for 3 months before I was stricken with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, and had to sell her. But at least I was able to hold the dream for 3 months, rather than never!
Anyway, thanks for helping to make the reality of depression to seem not quite so bad to others,and in urging others to seek help.
If you're ever in the Panama City area I'd love to meet you, and I promise I would not be gushing over you the entire you EVER get tired of women throwing themselves at you? Lord, what a dumb question!
Take care & God bless,
Karen Teich-Cluster


please terry shave the head the homer look is out of style !!!! thanks!

Betsy Shafford

Hey Terry, if you want to see what it's like to be around a bunch of Pittsburg fans and one bengal, stop in Gatlinburg, TN over Thanksgiving. We'll feed you.

Michael Johnson

Former Terry Fan
After all the money you made off of football, you lost me in the last Super Bowl-oops Big game- when you refused to appear with other former players because you were not going to be paid. Did you get paid to show up for the Steelers 75th on Monday night football?
M. Johnson

Sharon S.

Hi Terry,

I think you were a fantastic football play, a great sports caster, and an all round wonderful human being. I think you are a wonderful role model for young kids. I have a nephew that plays and will turn 14 tomorrow that I am hoping will be half the man you are and as equal a role model when he gets older.

I do have to tell you that I admire your coming out with the discussion about depression, enjoyed your role in "Failure to launch", and thougherly enjoyed the spot on Jay Leno when you did not realize your fly was down.

You are a true Virgo and your smile is great. Keep up the shining smile and your faith in God and humanity. I enjoy watching your careers developing. You are as engenerized as the Duracel Bunny.
God Bless You!


You are trying way too hard for Terry. I am in his area...Arlington, TX and I haven't even met him...he is very elusive...if he is a true Christian, you will not meet him unless you are living for Christ because he knows that his one and only will only cross his path when God makes that HIS plan...and not our plan...God orders our steps...when and only when you live for him..then you will meet a person that God has for you...don't work your own plan...

Pam Thomsen


I just wanted to send a very Happy Birthday to Terry Bradshaw for my son, Wil Pantier, an avid Bradshaw and Steelers fan. He would love to meet Terry in person some day. Thanks for the opportunity to wish Terry Happy Birthday! I love Minnesota Vikings but have to admit, Terry is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever!


Don't hold your breath! you will probably be waiting a long time!

Tim Bobbie


I have been a Steeler fan and more particularly a fan of yours since your being drafted number one in 1970 from Louisana Tech. I would like to have your email contact information so I can give you a more detail story that I think you will enjoy. I recently flew to Pittsburgh for the day and I no sooner walked off of the plane when I met Franko Harris. After getting my picture taken with him and had a few moments to speak with him, I told him my story and he suggested that I relay it to you also. I look forward in possibly hearing from you soon.. Thanks


Do you like the song 'WHAT'S GOING ON YOUR WORLD, SURE IS LONESOME IN MINE'! thanks Jeanette


A desperate attempt here but at least I tried. Working with some Viet Nam vets. Is there any way to get an autograph from Jack Lambert saying "Welcome home, Ron."
Thanks to anyone that can help.

Aunt Pittypat

I just wanted Terry to know something. Many years ago I bought a sampler album with Terry singing. It impressed me enough I bought his album. I don't listen to it much - tho I do still have a turntable. However - on my computer I have and was just listening to an mp3 of his singing "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry". It is still impressive - expressive.



Karen V

Dear Terry,
I saw you on Jay Leno and in fact I had been thinking of you during the holidays--I knew of your struggle with depression and I truly hoped that you would NOT be alone (of course I presumed that you, being your wonderful attractive magnanimous Self would NEVER have to go thru that) and there you were, on tv, saying you did! Oh Terry, I love you! I wrote you a letter but I don't know where to send it! And now that I've found this site, I know that I'm not the only one--we all LOVE you and wish you the best! Hugs! XOX!!! If you EVER need a date, I am it! And my best friend, Beth, loves you too! (But of course I want you for myself... I do hope you'll forgive me!) (And yes, I am a Christian!) You are adorable and a HERO and we from Pittsburgh (no matter where we live!) STILL love you and will Always Love You and I want you to know it! So please feel free to write to me!
Much Love, Hugs & Kisses, & God bless, Karen in Nashville


Here I sit like many before trying to get any address in order to contact you. I wrote a long note after your apearance on the Tonight show but it was returned as undeliverable.
You are an inspiration to many,and are welcome to have Christmas dinner with us any night of the year if you are ever near Evansville,IN.
Thanks for your honesty and ability to make those around you smile. We are all searching for the same thing...a hand to hold and a heart to understand.

Mari Ane Barber

Terry Bradshaw, do you really read and respond to any of these e-mails; I have always been facinated by you, When I hear your name it makes me smile, you are quite impressive via TV; I just cannot imagine you ever being alone, in the female sense?? what's up with that??

I wish you a wonderful New Year and life.....


Terry - I just saw you on the Tonight show....I laughed soooo hard...I can't remember when I laughed like that. I've had a lot of struggles recently and I think I laughed them away. Thank you for bringing joy into the world. I also liked that you said you don't work on Jesus' birthday. Thank you!


Terry-my husband has been a fan of yours basically his whole life. We have 3 little boys & one of the twins name is Ryker Bradshaw Large. I asked my huband for a name of someone he thought was great & would want his son named after & he said you. I of course believe that names are extremely important & didn't want to name him after you unless I was sure it was a legacy I wanted him to carry. I did some research & read your book & the decision was made. I would love to hear from you & I know my huband would too. He coaches football so I know I should wait until the season is over & am willing. Thanks for being such a great (real) guy. Looking forward to hearing from you. Love & prayers, Heather

Jacob Kendrick

to whom it may concern,
I am determed to play college football. I am 18 years old 5'11'' 210 lbs. A lot of things have held me back from playing football. Like a seizer disorder, money issues, and discoragement. Now in my 18 years of life I have been through a lot from being stabed to selling drugs. I still wake up at nights crying from the 3 1/2 years of being locked up. I have tried to kill myself, because I was so depresed. Although I have caused so much of issues on my self I also pushed myself away form my dream of playing college football. I have been trying to get back on track by working out, I have my high school diploma, and am asking around trying to get to know people. I know this sounds weak, but I am lost without football I know some of you can understand what it is like. can you help me please? this is maybe my last hope. Thank you.
Always, Jacob Codi Kendrick #42 I am a good football player


Dear Terry,
I was on the internet trying to find your business manager, but came across this way to get in touch with you. I own a business in Ohio. My daughter met you at the Wilewoods Country Store in Huron, Ohio years ago when she worked there. Now I would love to meet you to talk about business. I invented a product that I want to show you. It has something to do about auto racing. With your craziness and my creativity I thought you could give me some ideas on how to market it. I can just see you right now flipping out just looking at what I have created. It's for children. Can we get together to talk? I have been a Christian since the age of 16; I am 61 now. I have a passion for auto racing, especially NASCAR. I'm married(43 yrs) 3 children, and 8 grandchildren. So this isn"t some way to meet you in a flirting affair, even though you are attractive in many ways; this is strictly business. Thank you so much.
Respectfully, Marylin M.

Jeff McDonald

I know you are a busy man, but I am a dad who will try anything to help his son. My 9 year old son, Travis, had just been told he has ADHD. He is a huge football fan and plays himself, He loves the D and lives to sack the QB. This season in 11 games he got 15 sacks.I coach the team when I am posted a shore ( I am a NCO in the navy, 21 years now) I am not asking for much, just a simple note telling him this is not the end of his football and schooling. That he can still accomplish anything and everything. Coming from one who did it would be a great boost to him. Thank you sir from a very concerned Dad


Terry, A note from you would make this Carolina girl's 47 birthday much nicer!


Does anyone know the names of Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback, Terry Bradshaw's parents. I have Bradshaw's in my family tree and want to see if there might just be a connection.


Belated Happy Birthday, Terry!
I ran across a photo of you, me and Dr. Charlie in NY and remembered that I promised you a home-cooked meal when I saw you last in Phoenix. Would love to get together the next time you are flying through Atlanta.


terry i dont know if you would know me but my grandpaw was your principal at woodlawn "hilrey holman" i just wanted to let you know he died in 89 my dad has been trying to contact you since my dads name is tommy he said when he was younger yall use to throw the ball i just want to know if you remember my them?! email me back


I just wanted to say Happy Birthday............



Ok my turn, I just sat here and read all of these, there are a few out there, that want to make you their own. I didn't know until recently about your battle with depression, I was in a very bad auto wreck last year (not my fault) and was having a hard time adjusting, I was very depressed and am still taking meds for it. I can't imagine what you went through all those years. I caught you a few times on Jay Leno you made me laugh, thank you, because I needed that. My right leg was broke in 12 places but I am getting back to normal, whatever is normal. I have been a Steeler fan since the Seventies (I'm 42 my B'day is Sept 4th) and will always be one. I watched your movie Failure to Launch, I loved everyone in it, I hope you make more movies in between everything else you have going on in your life. Thanks, you really are great, your daughters must be really proud of you. My daughter thinks I am the best mom in the world, I thank God for her everyday.



Remember, as a Christian, it's important to be OBEDIENT. It's up to God to make you successful.... in ALL things.


terry i wished that you would end the stupid thing that you have agianst the city of pittsburgh. am a long time stiller fan, i was a young boy when you was winning the big ones, you are my hero always was and always will be now we have big ben and the stillers are super agian but you are still the QB of the stiller nation as harris the RB lambert the MLB get my point am just tryin to say the city has open arms to you as you once said you was like the chief,s son nobody cares or even remembers the game that the crowd booed u we only remember the 4 games that made you and the city of pittsburgh GREAT. who did we even play in the AFC championships anyway . the big 4 viks, big D, And the rams you won all 4 come back to the city terry our arms are wide open we love you terry


This may be a long shot, but here goes. I'm working and living in Shreveport now. Three grown daughters, two in Dallas, one with me. GRANDMOTHER! Mom still in Ruston. In SS class with Terri Ann (small world). Would enjoy catching up so call the next time you are in Shreveport. I'm in the book.

mitch cain

Sorry to bother you. but a friend and i have a little bet going on here. Our question is was the model Daisy Fuentes on a sports show with Terry Bradshaw. I told him no, it was the hot blonde godess Jullian Barber. last name spelling may not be correct. So could you please slove this ordeal for us.

Thank u Mitch Cain

Amy Jo

Mr. Bradshaw:

I adore you.



Mr. Bradshaw, Today is Fathers Day 2006 and I just watched the fox special on your life and how you became the Steelers QB. I grew up in Pittsburgh and while watching the special it brought back all the great memories I had with my Dad while watching football. I'm 45 now and can honestly say I never enjoyed football until I started watching you play. You made Pittsburgh the football town it is today. I would never miss a game I was consumed by it and how you transformed the entire city. I realize you had some bad times with the fans (NOT ME!!!) and the loyalty that fans should have no matter if our team plays good or bad fans should always stay by your side. To me your are the best quarter back to ever play the game and noone will ever compare. I must admit once you retired I had no reason to watch football, I still don't really watch the game but I DO watch your pregame show. I love the way you are and how you make me laugh. Thanks for all you have done and I wish you a very Happy Fathers Day.

Shasta Mann

Seems like a blog hijack. Mind if I join? I can't find any of Terry's contact details online and my family contacts have worn thin since moving to a different country and all. That and my mom lost Terry's parents' address after Terry's father gave it to us at my dad's funeral. *sigh* Anyway, if anyone could get me in conact with my long lost second cousin that would be such a great help. Thank you.

Kirk Anderson

I am a lifelong Steelers fan. The other day I was fortunate enough to get to hear Terry B. speak at the Kickoff to Derby Luncheon in Louisville, KY. Before the event had started and everyone was eating their salads, I noticed a few people sneaking up to get his autograph. I had brought his book It's Just a Game, and a card from his 1977 season in hopes of getting them signed. By the way, the book is great. As I got up to the front of the line (there were only a few of us), we were told to leave Mr. Bradshaw alone so he could eat. In all fairness, it was not an autograph session. It was a corporate luncheon with about 1,000 people. If they allowed autographs, it would have gotten crazy. And he WAS trying to eat-and probably starving. But I was next in line! Right in front of him. Tickled to death just to be there. It was a crushing blow to be turned away at that moment. I thought maybe he would look my way and see the book and tell them "one more" but he was distracted by so much else. Afterward, he had to leave very quickly but I tried to keep track of where he went. Couldn't. Anyway, he was a very skilled speaker and as funny as any commedian I've seen. He ribbed a couple of our local personalities, put them in their places! It was great. The whole crowd appreciated that. Mr. Bradshaw, if you read these, I want to say thanks for all the games. You have been one of my heroes from day one. I am 37 now. Also, the speech was just excellent. Thanks for the funny day! Keep on fighting the good fight.
P.S. I would still love to get this book and card signed!


I saw you with your family in Big Chain Cafeteria some 30+ years ago. I remember thinking I'de never seen arms that long on a man before,no wonder you could throw a football. My sister went to Woodlawn the same time you were there. Recently I read an article about you and thought it strange we share like experiences. After my third divorce in 1999 I lost everything including the job I loved. My love for my two daughters and faith in God kept me from "ending it all". Now, seven years later my career is back on track and life is good and being single and happy is not the impossibility I once thought. Just wait until the first grandchild comes along, what a blessing!!!

Terry Baker

We are both a T.B.,but I am a woman who would love to hear from you. We both have a great sense of humor,laugh a lot, and both good-looking!! Love ya Terry Bradshaw from Terry Baker


Msg to Terry, Hmm? so they say that you read these once & a while . I don't believe that at all!. possibly a person on your promo team or ?.. & If that is true. I hope they read this to you .. You Sure have a cute smile *in your eyes*... Please stay that way - it suits you well. . just another divorced female HWP & age correct - wishing you lived in my neighborhood.. melody

Chris K.

To Terry,

I just wanted to thank Terry Bradshaw for promoting his struggle with depression. I heard him speak in 2004 on a radio show (Dan Patrick?), and describe his depression. At that point I realized I too was experiencing many of the same feelings. I decided to seek help and have been seeing a therapist since then. I am now on medication(still trying to find the right one), but understand my feelings and emotions now. My life has improved because of his discussion of his own personal depression. I didn't have a terrible life. I have been very successful, but have always felt empty. Now, I am able to understand my feelings. I got out of a bad marriage and am still alive because of him. I still struggle, but I am truly feeling the best I have ever felt in my life. I know I have a long way to go yet, but know I will get to a better place once I have my meds straightened out. I have become a stronger person though by being able to identify my swings. Thank you for saving my life.



Hi Terry,

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy you. You are so talented, funny and attractive.

I hope you received the Valentine's day card I sent.

I have the autographed picture you signed for me. Received it last night. Thank you so much! I love it! You're terrific!

Also wanted to say I enjoyed your movie - Failure to Launch. Cute butt! :-) But I knew you had one, just from watching you on TV. It was just nice to be able to see it without the suit.

Happy Easter! Love, Erin

Mary Leal

April 8,2006

Dear Terry Bradshaw

My roomates and I used to watch all of the football games especially those between the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburg Steelers.I got a chance to meet Roger Staubach once.I enjoyed all the games as long as my homework was finished. That was an impossible task back in those days.I missed a few games due to the over abundance of homework.Some of the different teams from the NFL and such used to come and visit us at the Baptist Chilkdren's Home in San Antonio.We always had tickets to the S.A.Spurs games but when the football games came on we were glued to the television set.We all have fond memories of all the games I watched with my cottage pals.We could fight all week long but when the game came on we were the best of friends.You gave us some good memories.
I almost got to meet you once.I was working at the Isle of Capri Casino in Westlake/Lake Charles,Louisiana.I and my workmates,the Softcount team counted 6-20 million dollars a day.Security doesn't let anyone near us for any reason.It would be a security risk.I looked at you at you with a nervous smile and then back at the camera several times but I didn't want to get into trouble.If I would have known that I would not have gotten fired I sure would have given you a big teddy bear hug for all the good fond memories you and the teams gave us.
I am 43 years old and I have relocated to Texarkana from the Hurricane Rita and I no longer work at the Casino.I was working for a millionaire but he got to throwing a tantrum and I reached down inside me and pulled up that ol'Southern Belle and I got real sassy and commenced to teaching him some manners on how to treat others.I taught him a thing or two on how not to be a jackass.
So I am out looking for a job with Willstaff temp agency.I enjoyed the late show with the big chin guy.I also like horses especially the sandy colored ones.I like quarter horses and Tennesse Walkers and the Clydesdales at Christmas on the Parade Route.All the horses are beautiful.I'd swear I think I much prefer horses to rich millionaires with diaper throwing tantrums.Horses are much more intellient and nicer to.Email me I would like to hear from you.Number one fan!
Mary S. Leall

Elise Stevens

I saw Terry Tuesday night at the dinner honoring Darrell Waltrip. I didn't get a chance to meet him, but his speech was warm and funny. A football he had autographed was auctioned off for $2,000. He threw the ball across the room to the winning bidder and the whole crowd (about 1,200 people) cheered and applauded. He was obviously as popular as any of the NASCAR stars there that night.

A man sitting at my table was thrilled - George Jones was sitting at the next table and Terry Bradshaw actually ran into him in the hallway and almost knocked him down!

If Terry appears in Nashville again, I'll definitely go to see him. And I might even work up the nerve to get an autograph.


I saw you on the Tonight Show recently. The first time I thought unique kinda guy. The second time... well here I am. Just so curious about you I"m finding out what a complex person you really are, which I already knew just by listening and watching you. I think we should get together and chat. Why? because you remind me of me. Sounds strange I know. Better than I'm 30 and sexy and think you're the greatest. I think you should travel to Mount Airy, N.C. and let me treat you to lunch soon at the one and only Snappy Lunch famous for they're Pork Chop Sandwich. By the way... My birthday is September 1 born in 1958. If I do not here from you I'll see you on the tonight show , Somehow I've got to be appeal to Jay Leno with my humor to interview you on his show. As a matter of fact I wish you could be his guest more often Terence . It was very nice seeing you.

Not the Same Gender
But very much like you

Maureen York

Elise Stevens

Dear Terry,

I just saw your latest movie "Failure to Launch". I thought you were very good in it. I started to say I hoped to see more of you in the future but I've already seen almost all of you. (Cute butt! giggle)

Catherine  Moore

I have seen you on the Tonight Show and of course when you played football. You seem like a real nice man and one who loves to laugh. I live in louisiana (born and raised). I do hope things will go well for you and I am sue they will. Do you have a website ? How does one get in touch with you?
Take care and best wishes.


Dear Mr. Bradshaw,

I'm a great football fan & would like to correspond with you.


I would appreciate an email address to correspond with you. I also reside in Oklahoma & would like to speak to you about Quarter horses.

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