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Church Branding 2
More Blather in the Blogosphere

A recent "press release" I viewed at Religion News Service was titled - UNIQUE LOGOS HELP PEOPLE 'REMEMBER YOUR CHURCH'.

Turns out this "news release" was from Lifeway, who happens to sell a custom logo package to churches.  Seems like there are a lot of branding experts out there these days.  In fact, branding is talked about so much now, it must be passe.  RNS provides a valuable service, and Lifeway is a great company, but . . . let me comment about logo mania and this press release in particular.

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More Blather in the Blogosphere" »

Deconstructing a Great Ad

by Roy H. Williams

Transactional and Relational are the two styles of selling and the two modes of buying.

Customers in Transactional mode are concerned only with today's transaction. They enjoy the process of shopping, comparing, and negotiating. Their only fear is paying more than they had to pay. Relational customers don't relish the idea of comparison shopping. Their only fear is "buying the wrong one." This is why they're hoping to find an expert they can trust.

Good ads target one mindset or the other.

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Starbucks Slut

I often joke with a guy at our office about being a Starbucks Slut. (I’ll bet you get the picture without any further explanation. That’s what good branding is about.)

Now, there may be people around here that drink more Starbucks than him. But he was unfortunate enough for me to observe him with a cup several days in a row, enough in my estimation for me to publicly dub him a Starbucks Slut, an identity which he still retains among the raucous ranks at Team BMC.

Names are important. Well, in this case humorous. We’ve probably all had nicknames along the way we didn’t like because they didn’t call out our true identity. Names give expression to identity. Perhaps nothing is more important to an individual or an organization than identity. Identity is at the core of branding.

Does your name suit your identity?

What kind of slut are you?

Successful Christian Television
by Phil Cooke

I don’t know whether I should talk more about Phil or his book. Phil and I are chums from college days, and there are so-o-o-o many interesting stories I could tell.

But, my purpose here is a brief review of his new book, Successful Christian Television. In one word this book is – resource. In two words – great resource.

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by Phil Cooke" »

Bush-Kerry Logo Wars

Scott Hodge has an interesting blog about an analysis of Kerry vs. Bush campaign logos. He references a blog from Brand Autopsy which has links there to the NY Times story.

Some very interesting reading that shows the importance of good design as one element (not the only element) of an effective branding campaign, whether it be for the Presidency or just a local church or business.

Link to Brand Autopsy article.


There's No Steroids in Baseball

In the movie "A League of Their Own," women's baseball team manager Tom Hanks responded to a weeping player by saying, "There's no crying in baseball!" And of course, there's no steroids in baseball either.

Baseball's tolerance of steroid use and the players' union's rabid defense of the players rights to not be drug tested may well be viewed by history as the darkest days of our American pasttime.

Worse than what it's doing to the game is what it may be doing to our youth, who figure if it's good enough for Barry, it's surely good enough to give me the cuts and butts for the ladies. Competition among young men in high school for athletic supremacy and the elusive college scholarship is making the use of "growth hormones" a growing problem. Teenage boys can buy injectable steroids from older pushers, I mean bodybuilders, at the local gym.

While our boys are growing big and buff, they seem to be unaware or unconcerned about the side effects for steroid use - irritability, extreme acne, hair loss, sterility. . . Perhaps the most dangerous side effect is the dependence on the contents of a syringe to make you feel better about yourself.

I'd like to thank Major League Baseball and the players' union for their contributions to the snowballing problem of steroid abuse among teenage boys. I love baseball, but baseball's negligence in addressing steroid use among its own is a shameful outrage. Maybe the record books should footnote some of the recent achievements in baseball with "steroid induced".

I still love the game. Go Cards!

Special dangers to adolescents from Anabolic steroids can halt growth prematurely in adolescents. "What happens is that steroids close the growth centers in a kid's bones", says Dr. Wadler. "Once these growth plates are closed, they cannot reopen so adolescents that take too many steroids may end up shorter than they should have been."