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Marketing to Women

Michele_millerMichele Miller over at has a great recent post about marketing to women - her specialty.

Here's an excerpt - "Think about your product or service - are you selling from the wrong perspective? Does your product or service really benefit the person purchasing it, or do you sell it on the basis of what a wonderful world it creates for the one she loves?"

Read Wonder Dog <== click there.

Great post Michele, and thanks to Jamie at BMC for pointing this out to me.

Your Life is Up to You

My_kidsAn open letter to my children . . .

I don’t remember where I first heard these words, but as I stride through middle age, I can tell you they ring more truly now than ever – Your Life Is Up to You.

This is not to discount the impact of others on your life, or even to insinuate that God has no influence in the course of your days, but in then final analysis, your choices will have more impact on your life than anything or anyone else. The sooner you embrace this truth, the sooner you will stop blaming anyone else for any unpleasantness in your life and start accepting that you are where you are because of your own choices.

When you were babes, you had limited power of choice. Your mother and I made most decisions for you, including (but not limited to) what you would eat, when you would go to bed, what you could watch on television, etc. Then as you aged and matured, we attempted to allow you to gradually make more of the important decisions in your life, giving you guidance along the way. Our goal was to see you come to a place where you would make all the important decisions in your life with the hope that you would ask for our opinions if you decided that you wanted to hear them. As you accepted more responsibility, you were granted more freedoms. The two go hand in hand. No one can be truly free until he/she has accepted full responsibility for his/her life.

To me the essence of maturity and adulthood is a person who makes responsible decisions and fully accepts the consequences and responsibilities that accompany each decision, even when the outcomes are not what were expected. Your progress in life and to a great deal the fulfillment of your potential and destiny lie within your willingness to accept full responsibility for your life.

You will often be tempted to blame others for pain and misfortune and loss. But, remember it was your decision that put those people in a position to do so. You will strive to find someone to pin your mistakes on, even God, but you must graciously accept that wherever you find yourself in life, it was your decisions that put you there. Sometimes you will make the best possible decision for the best possible reasons and the purest motivations and wonder what happened when the wheels come off. If you could see the future there would be no excuse for any bad decisions. But  you cannot see the future, so you are going to make some bad decisions, even though you don’t intend to. Those decisions will have painful consequences that will seem unfair.

At that time, try to remember Daddy’s words when you were very small and he would respond to your pleas of unfairness with the idiom, “Life is not fair.” Now, sometimes it is, and because there is a God we believe that ultimately there will be justice and fairness. But, that is ultimately. You are not going to see the full manifestation of justice in a world that is racked by sin.

Your ability to rebound from hurt and unfair treatment is going to depend largely on your ability to accept the fact that you made a mistake. A decision that missed the mark. You didn’t want to. You didn’t intend to. But you did. Yes, you did.

And somehow accepting that responsibility will release an inner strength in you that will enable you to go on and some day laugh at those painful experiences.

People will do things that will hurt you. Some days circumstances will suck. But those are your opportunities to be truly distinctive. Your response is always a matter of your choice. Accept responsibility for how you respond to what has happened realizing that in the end, your response will be more important than what has happened.

Leave victimhood for the masses, and have a great life.

Congratulations to Seth Godin

Free_prizeSeth's landmark marketing book, Free Prize Inside, has been listed by Forbes as one of the top ten business books of 2004.

Here's a quote from the article - "Filling out the list is Free Prize Inside! by Seth Godin, who offers a "manifesto" of innovative marketing techniques. Taking his own lesson to heart, the book was sold inside a cereal box, and wound up as the only marketing text to make our list."

You can see the list and vote for the best of the best at this link ==> click here.

if you've appreciated Seth's work like I have (especially if you've downloaded some of his free goodies), let's show how true viral marketing works by spreading the word and voting Free Prize Inside #1.

If you want to order a copy (great Christmas idea) click the link in the left column of this page or click here.

Pimp My Church

Pimp_my_ride Those of you familiar with the MTV show Pimp My Ride . . .

Church Today in a meeting with clients, a young mosaic type suggested a TV program called Pimp My Church.  I know it sounds bad to some of you rutdwellers, but it certainly gets the idea of the day from me.

On Pimp My Ride, the show finds a needy and worthy vehicle owner with a trashy heap of a car, then “pimps” it up for him/her with a total cosmetic makeover and technology package.

On Pimp My Church, we will find a needy (irrelevant and tired) church and, with the help of the astralunatics from BMC and whacked out members of the congregation, we will overhaul the church and pimp it up.  Not just a cosmetic makeover, but edgy music, a revised dress code, a pimped up message, . . . I'm not promising rawthentic changes at a spiritual level, but at least the look and the fun factor will be pimpin'.

All we need are commercial sponsors for the show . . . or, if all my friends-a could just send-a their best gift-a . . .

toda-a-a-y-a . . .

Get the vision.

The Black Hole of Corporate Branding

NjavedlargeInteresting article by Naseem Javed in the Wisconsin Technology Network newsletter entitled, "The Black Hole of Corporate Branding."

Read the Article <== click there.

Here are a couple of excerpts -

The term “branding” started out in the Dark Ages, where marks were burned onto cattle. On ever-so-slowly-evolving minds of the Homo sapiens this word also made a solid impression and provides a daily dose of comfort. Belonging to a product and a brand name, offering taste and vanity offers a security blanket. A warm fuzzy feeling when a huge name is printed on the chest. . .

Should we ban the word “branding”?

This term, so unnecessarily used by such a large number of unqualified services as a band-aid to all problems irrespective of size or type. Should this term be banned? The brand-happy agency teams are often busy chasing beaten-up ideas without a clue while a handful of experts are watching by the sidelines. Without new rules, there is no branding, and what worked on cattle may not work with the general population of the future.

Seth's eBook Still Free Here

Bootstrappers_bible_1Seth Godin's free eBook is no longer available for free over at  But, if you missed out, you can still download it here for free.  Enjoy.

Bootstrapper's Bible (PDF) <== click there.

Permission from Seth at - "It's no longer free, but if you downloaded it while it was free, feel free to send it to your friends, print it, or post it online. It's yours."

Update (12/8) - be sure to read Seth's exciting news at this post ==> click here.