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Kudos to the Iraqis

Iraq_electionIn spite of repeated predictions from mainstream media that the elections in Iraq would likely be an utter failure, it appears that nearly 60% of eligible voters turned out.  Here's a couple of the news stories -

From Basra to Mosul, voters confound expectations   (MSN)

Iraqis vote amidst violence  (CNN)

Props to the Iraqi people.  Over 30 heroes and heroines lost their lives while exercising their new found freedoms.  If enough of their countrymen and women are willing to do the same, this experiment in democracy may yet work.  My concern with this war has been that freedom hasn't been valued enough by the Iraqis since others (our soldiers) were doing much of the dying.  Perhaps my concern is ill founded.  I hope so.  A thriving Arab democracy in the Middle East may be the best hope for eventual peace in that arena.

Thanks to all the US troops who have made this day possible.  You have my deepest admiration.

DVRs not a Threat?

From Variety Daily 1/28 -

It will be at least a decade before DVRs become popular enough that marketers will cut back on television advertising, according to Fred Dresser, EVP of Time Warner Cable. "There's no revolution going on," he said. "Business models aren't going to change overnight."

I think Fred must be phase shifting in and out of a parallel universe.  Major changes don't take 10+ years anymore.  Remember this quote in about 2-3 years.  Also remember that 80+% of TIVO users skip ALL the commercials when viewing programming. 

Surely this is calm-the-shareholder talk or maybe he is just expressing hope.  But then, hope isn't much of a strategy.


Bittorrent_logoI've  been playing around with BitTorrent a bit lately, then I find a couple of helpful entries on Seth Godin's Blog.

Here they are -

BitTorrent #1        BitTorrent #2

BitTorrent is a free download which empowers you to access and download large files such as full length movies in an accelerated way by using a unique P2P approach.  It's a fairly easy download and install, although you may have to make a few changes in your firewall for it to run well.  Instructions can be found here.

Good article also at Wired.

The success of BitTorrent is another example of how to get ahead by giving value away.  Much like the Firefox browser, it's rapidly spreading to millions of users.

I  recently atttended the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) convention.  You could sense the air of nervousness about what is happening to traditional broadcast television.  Major fragmentation of channels and platforms.  Far more control of what and when going to the consumer.  What does an industry based on advertising revenues do when people don't have to watch their ads anymore?   BitTorrent was never mentioned in public, but I'm sure it's being discussed in the boardrooms.