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City Approves $10,000 for Frog Branding

Logo_frog_2This from the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin -

MILTON-FREEWATER - The city's Urban Renewal Agency voted Monday to allocate up to $10,000 a year toward promoting the city's frog brand, but only after fielding a few audience questions about frogs.

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Now, my first reaction is that if governmental bodies are jumping on the branding bandwagon, it is probably time for smart money to be jumping off.  Given that prejudice, the citizens asked the council some insightful questions. Like, "Why are we spending all that money on frogs instead of using it to fix up the city?"  Brilliant question!  If the money is used to make the city a more remarkable place to live or visit, the frogs will be expendable.

Cute logos and clever campaigns are not branding.  Creating a remarkable experience is at the heart of real branding.  Give me a good experience and bad art over a cute logo and a poor experience.  Of course, a great experience with good art is optimal, but spend your money first on the experience.  Then get a good logo.

If you must.