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Tivo in Negotiations with Google and Yahoo?

GoogletivoTiVo is in talks with Internet search giants Google and Yahoo over a possible deal aimed at bridging television and the Web.  Here's the story at cNet.

Excerpt - "TiVo has long talked about becoming the "Google of TV," eventually enabling its 3 million subscribers to search for and watch any broadcast or broadband media. Meanwhile, Google and Yahoo are investing heavily in video services."

It's speculated that Google or Yahoo might buy out Tivo as a part of any deal that is reached.  Google and Yahoo would have to see value in TiVo that would make the acquisition more sensible than developing their own set top boxes with access to the web.  These talks could be pivotal in the future of TiVo as a company.  In any outcome, the DVR revolution is here to stay.

Update - Terry Storch has a link to a related article at Motley Fool.

Is TV Losing Viewers to the Internet?

Not according to the latest study by ESPN as reported by Cable World.

Even males 18-34, largely considered to be spending more time on video games and less on television, were up by an average of 21 minutes per day compared to 1999.

The biggest percentage gains (1999-2004) were in the 2-6 AM time slot (33%) and in the 6-9 AM slot (18%).  This should be good news for infomercials.

Much of the increase is being credited to the increase in programming choices on cable.

Church Radio Spots from the Wizard

Roy Williams, the Wizard of Ads, has a couple of free radio scripts (written by Anthony Garcia & Dave Nevland) hanging on his website for any churches with the guts to run them.

Follow this link.  Then scroll down the page until you reach, "Ads for Your Church."  There are two links for the two scripts.

Or, you can access directly from here  -

Click here to download Ad #1
Click here to download Ad #2

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment on this post.  Thanks.

Sharper Image purifiers actually make air worse?

Air_cleanerOne of the big "success stories" in the recent annals of DRTV (Direct Response TV) has been the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze.  But, according to this story at, the company may need to find a new stud for its stable. 

Here's the Consumer Reports position.

Here's Sharper Image's response to the May 2005 story in Consumer Reports.

This has all the makings of the media version of the Hatfields and McCoys.

SHRP stock is trading at about $15 compared to almost $40 at its high in 2004.

I'm sure Ionic Breeze is a registered trademark of Sharper Image.

Blog Searching on

Cuban01Mark Cuban over at BlogMaverick introduces his improved blog search engine, Ice Rocket.

Here's his pitch (in part) -

"At, we have just completely rewritten and reindexed our blog searching ability so that we now reach more than 10mm blogs. That right, with every portal now with their own blog hosting offering, we have passed the 10mm mark.

If you have an interest in what the Bloggers of the World are saying about you, your team, your family, your favorite celeb, breaking news or any topic that comes mind, we are easily the best way to find out."

I haven't compared it to Technorati yet, but if you try it please come back and post your comments here.

PR crises loom for firms that fail to 'respect' bloggers

This point to Brand Republic from Michelle Miller over at WonderBranding.  Here's an excerpt, "The study, by global PR agency Edelman and market research firm and blog portal provider Intelliseek, says firms that become aggressive towards bloggers or attempt to ignore their comments are facing a losing battle."  Read the article here.

Also from Michelle, a copy of this interesting study by  Edelman and Intelliseek, titled "Trust MEDia... How Real People are Finally Being Heard."  View or download the PDF here.  Essential reading for bloggers and especially companies seriously considering participation in the blogosphere.

Here's an excerpt - "Essentially, bloggers have established a new micro-universe of information creation, dissemination and infl uence, a universe that warrants attention, response and consideration, and one where rules don’t follow the accepted norms and practices of the communications and media communities. It’s time for marketers and stakeholders to engage and participate with their customers instead of just transmitting to them."

Ageless Marketing

Dusty_1There's a great series of posts by 72-year-old blogger David Wolfe over at Ageless Marketing Blog.

The series is Belief Follows Need, which covers subjects such as -

This blog is becoming a regular read for me.  I hope you enjoy it as well.

Ageless Marketing Blog.

Media Fragmentation Continues

Signs of the times -


Cable Beats Broadcast for 7th Consecutive Qtr. (excerpt from Mediaweek)
By Megan Larson

The message last week from Turner Broadcasting's chief research officer Jack Wakshlag was familiar: Ad-supported cable continues to grow audience while broadcast networks lose viewers. It's great news for cable, but broadcasters don't worry themselves about quarterly ratings ticks.

During his quarterly ratings call on March 24, Wakshlag pointed out that cable beat broadcast for the seventh consecutive quarter with a 51.8 prime-time share to broadcast's 45.9. According to Wakshlag's analysis of 50 cable nets, cable won the February sweeps for the first time, edging out the seven broadcast nets' 49.4 share.

Full story from


Rich with Discovery (Excerpt from
Cabler projects coin shift away from b'cast

Discovery predicted another bullish year for ad-supported cable, estimating that up to $500 million will shift from broadcast TV to cable in the upfront for 2005-06.

Joe Abruzzese, president of advertising sales for Discovery Networks, U.S., made the forecast at a press conference following a Thursday presentation at Lincoln Center by Discovery Channel and all of its sister networks.

Full story from