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Help for New Orleans

Dino Rizzo, lead pastor at Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, Lousiana is coordinating relief efforts for the ravaged city of New Orleans.  If you have any desire to help, click the link below and get the details from Dino's Blog.  Several of us from BMC were with Dino and his staff just one week before the hurricane.  We're confident they will see that any help you can send will get to the places it's needed.


ESPN Looks Into the Future

Excellent article at Wired on the future of television as we've known it and the future of sportscasting as seen through the futurescope at ESPN.  It's three web pages long, but great perspective on media tomorrow.


Excerpts - "But the TV business is changing fast, and networks that aren't nimble will be left behind. Television is slowly going digital, and sooner or later, like phone calls, it will be transmitted in the form of data packets, using Internet protocol. With IPTV, everything can be delivered on demand, from last night's Fear Factor to a Friends episode from the late '90s. If everything is on demand, channels won't mean much; people will navigate by searching. Which means the value of any network, be it broadcast or cable, will depend more on the power of its brand than its place on the dial."

"Still, the idea that you'll only watch television by plunking yourself in front of a 60-inch plasma screen is growing quaint. Home networks will put TV on your desktop; a proliferation of wireless technologies, from 3G to WiMax, will let you take it anywhere. And in a few years, when the cable companies finally dump their bandwidth-hogging analog channels and go all-digital, they'll be able to offer broadband at speeds that will put TV-quality video on the Net. Professional television will no doubt remain distinguishable from the rising tide of videoblogs, but the age of one-to-many broadcasting will be over for good."

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Happy Birthday to Me

462To my blog that is.  Today marks the first birthday of my blog.

Sometimes it seems to come pretty easy.  Other times it's much more tedious.

But I made it through year one.  I'm thinking about some changes for year two.

Check back in a year to see if I made it.

Will Yahoo be the 5th Television Network?

In a recent Wired article, Josh McHugh discusses the future of internet delivery of television programming and the position Yahoo is staking out to be in the middle of the shift.  It's a fairly long article, but worth the read.


Excerpt - "To illustrate how Yahoo! is applying its resources across the wide range of video on the Web, Horowitz steps to his whiteboard and draws a graph and a power law curve - or "long tail" - starting high on the graph's left-hand vertical axis and plunging downward before curving and straightening out above the horizontal axis to the right. The video content that most everyone has heard of sits at the high end of the curve. These are the hit TV shows and blockbuster films that represent the bulk of what people look for on Yahoo!'s video search engine. Because there's already such an online presence for megahits - in the form of information, discussion, and dedicated Web sites - Horowitz is confident that the Web's hyperlinking structure will soon make such searches a snap.

Farther down the curve, well-funded and well-marketed programs generally leave a trail, even if they don't break through. To promote shows that have a long shelf life or that get pushed out of top programming slots due to soft ratings - the segment that networks are targeting for VOD delivery - Yahoo! has arrangements with Showtime, Discovery Network, and others in which the cable entities feed hyper-detailed metadata into Yahoo!'s index."

Hope for Rwanda

460Mark and Darlene Zschech of Hillsong fame are sponsoring a large scale relief effort next year in Rwanda.  It's being called Hope Rwanda: 100 Days of Hope.

Mark and Darlene are outstanding people, and they are being joined by Bill Hybels, Joyce Meyer and others, along with their home church in Australia pastored by Brian Houston.  I had lunch with Mark and a few others back in February where he explained his vision to bring hope to the suffering people of Rwanda and let them know that in spite of our deaf ears during the genocide of 1994, the world has not forgotten them.  I was moved and want to do what I can to help.

You can help by spreading the word and by registering at the Hope Rwanda web site.  My hope is that Americans and especially American churches of all denominations will get involved - massively.

Mark and Darlene ==>461_1

The Morphing Media World

Thanks to Larry Scott for the point to an article in Information Week by Stephanie Stahl about the impact of internet video.


Excerpt - "But that Herbie moment made me realize just how fast the market is growing, how Web users' appetite for video is increasing, and how quickly they will come to expect video on Web sites. And while the quality isn't always top notch, it's good enough, and the user experience and convenience of watching whenever you want is very appealing. It isn't just fun and cool stuff that's showing up in videocasts or streams but also informative and strategic business content."

It's a clear, concise article that further illustrates the rapid changes in the world of media.  It seems like we're finally getting our hands around the technology of delivering video via the web.  The real challenges and opportunities lurk in creating compelling content.