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Up Your Budget (Rent a Car)


Blogs Only Promotion for new Budget Campaign.

Budget Car Rental has launched a new campaign with no promotional support other than blogs.  Budget has not even prepared a press release about the campaign. The Up Your Budget promotion features a 16-city treasure hunt with $160,000 in prizes.  Four $10,000 prizes will be hidden each week for a month.  New clues are posted daily at the Up Your Budget site.

446_2A good explanation of the treasure hunt here at

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The Future of Media?

Table1 My son-in-law sent me this link to an intriguing flash video production about changes in media looking backward and then forward.   Check out Robin Sloan's flash documentary at LightOver Media on how the current global media will change by 2014 and how media events will be systematically changed based on how we want to perceive them.  It's about 8 minutes long, but worth the time.


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Death by Blog

455Excerpt from the NY Times -

A well-known advertising executive and worldwide creative director at  WPP Group resigned his position Thursday amid an uproar over remarks he made at an industry event about female creative executives. The comments, by Neil French, 61, drew attention to the absence of women at the highest levels of the creative side of the ad industry.

Mr. French told an audience in Toronto on Oct. 6 that women "don't make it to the top because they don't deserve to," saying their roles as caregivers and childbearers prevented them from succeeding in top positions.

Mr. French said he did not regret his remarks, but thought the reaction to them was "lunacy." "I'm extremely sad about it," said Mr. French, who has been widely pilloried on the Internet. "Death by blog is not really the way to go."

Death by blog?  Somehow in this case it seems entirely appropriate.  Excuse me for piling on.

NY Times full article => Link

Comcast CEO Says Future is VOD

Comcast Chief Executive Brian Roberts spoke yesterday of his plans to remake the nation's largest cable provider into the Google of television.

Comcast has been rolling out and expanding its on-demand video service, which supposedly enables viewers to choose when, where and what they view. This trend is a byproduct of access to high-speed Internet, something a majority of Americans still lack, according to a recent Free Press report.

Full story => Link.

On Being Michele Miller

Michele_miller_austinSeveral of us from BMC got to spend a little time talking to WonderBranding maven Michele Miller at the annual reunion at Wizard Academy today in Buda, TX outside Austin.  Michele's blog was named Best of the Web 2005 in the marketing category, which is a great achievement.  After reading her blog faithfully for over a year, it was a treat to meet her and hear a bit of her journey. 

If you don't have her blog on your regular reading yet you're missing out on some good stuff.

Pictured here behind Michele are my wife Linda - me - BMC VP for Creative Services Mary Ellen Breitwiser - my daughter Kim - and Kristin Lamb from our Media department.

Been Traveling

The last month has had me hopping quite a bit.  It's been a good excuse for the lack of blog entries.  Well, maybe not a "good" excuse.  Been to Austin, St. Louis, LA, San Diego, Las Vegas and Colorado.  I'm thinking.  Soon as I figure something out I'll start writing.

PorcupineHere's a porcupine I saw on the road up to the Maroon Bells outside of Aspen.  I like his approach to security.  Everything is defensive.  As far as I know, they aren't aggressive or prone to attack.  But if you mess with one of them...  Might be a good model for some country's defense policies?