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508_1Well, my Steelers got spanked by the Colts last night 26-7.  Indy seemed to borrow a chapter from New England on how to stop the Pittsburgh running game.  If Manning stays healthy, the Colts will be tough to beat.  Meanwhile it was a good reality check for Blitzburgh.

Golden Age of Television Ahead?

458_1Leave it to Mark Cuban to have a totally different and yet absolutely convincing take on the future of television.  While prevailing wisdom is that TV is losing it's mass to DVRs, the Internet, etc., Mark argues that the proliferation of HDTV is going to launch broadcast TV into a new golden age.

It takes a few minutes, but it's a great read.  Here's the link to the article at BlogMaverick -

The Coming Golden Age of Television

The Downside of Email

Seven years and three months ago, I remember marveling at the wonders of email.  While it remains a big net positive for communication, email can create some blind spots or serve as an insulator.

The main problems appear to lie in a few key areas –

  • Full communication - email contains no body language, little inflection, and no ability to adjust to the reader in the moment.  Unless a person is an effective writer 100% of the time, email can convey an offensive tone or an unintended point.
  • Conversation - email can be an inefficient way to conduct a dialogue.  Instead of a relatively quick phone conversation, it can take a couple of days to close the loop on an email discussion.  On the other side, some people are hard to reach by phone.

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One Second TV Ads?

467From Media Works / Ad Age  about Belgian product OneSecond Breath Gel -

"... with a limited budget, OneSecond needed some fast-acting media to launch in Belgium, and Duval Guillaume and Initiative came up with an appropriate media strategy. To launch OneSecond, Initiative booked TV spots that lasted just one-second -- a literal interpretation of the brand name."

Link to the Media Works article.

The article doesn't discuss the cost of a one second ad compared to a thirty second, but it's safe to assume it's not 1/30th.  The article also doesn't really speak to the effectiveness of the strategy.  But, it was a creative idea.

To view the one, two, and ten second TV ads click here.

Info about the product from the OneSecond website - "OneSecond is a sugar free mouth refreshing gel. The gel dissolves instantly in your mouth coating your palate leaving a long lasting freshness. Its high flavour concentrations will go through your nose and help clear it if you have a cold or hay fever."