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Going Amateur

From TechDirt -

"Instead of hiring professional concert documentary crews, a growing number of bands are handing the concert documentary process over to their fans, relying on amateur video to generate low-cost promotional material while increasing fan appreciation in the process. The Beastie Boys had some success with this idea recently..."


Of course, this isn't the answer to most video production needs.  But it could be for some.  Be sure to take note of the need for a patient editor.

Is 'Web 2.0' Another Bubble?

Article from the Wall Street Journal Online.

Interesting debate about whether the current boom in Web 2.0 companies is just another bubble that will ultimately burst or if these companies really represent long term value and growth.

There is a big difference in the ability to raise money compared with the ability to make money.  Over the years I've seen a lot of people who were successful at raising money (whether it was via investors or donors) but who weren't very good at making money.  When there's a glut of fund raising instead of profit making, whether it's at a micro or macro level, there's a bubble inflating a la the dot-com boom/bust.

Ultimately the organizations who make money will survive those who only raise it.

Fox Distributes BCS Games via Web

Fox Sports released information about their planned digital distribution of full-length BCS bowl games this season along with some other features and packages.  If you're interested in the ongoing impact of the internet on television and video distribution check out the Fox Sports News Release at Business Wire.

Fox claims it's groundbreaking.  It may be, but it's not surprising.  Someone was going to be first.  This time it's Fox.