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More on Change or Die

Here is one of the best pieces I've read lately about the rapidly changing world of advertising and the impact of new media on the world of consumer persuasion. 

"On Madison Avenue, Old Players Learn a New Game" is from NPR (National Public Radio) so you can read or listen.

Here's a clip from the very end of the story - "And that, says GE's Hu, is why agencies like BBDO must embrace the challenges presented by new media technologies, trying to stay ahead of the latest trends rather than waiting to see where they're headed.                         

"The biggest challenge is if you ignore it," she says. "If I were on the agency side, I would say the biggest challenge is that if you ignore [technological change], your client will find another agency who doesn't."

This four-part All Things Considered series, airing Tuesdays in May, looks at how digital media and the demise of the mass market are changing the advertising industry.

To me the key here is not to get too caught up in focusing on the technology, but rather focus on the new opportunities and possibilities enabled by the technology and fueled by the cultural shift as power is shifting from the big media companies to the consumers. 

You might also enjoy reading Chapter 10  (PDF) "Fix the Agency Mess" from Joseph Jaffe's book, Life After the 30-Second Spot.