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Opening a New Chapter

Biz_dreams_logo_color_cmyk_640_x__2 A friend of mine shared a quote with me about 11 days ago attributed to Dan Rather, "Don't start over so late that it's too late to start over."  Then just yesterday another good friend quoted George Eliot to me, "It's never too late to be who you might have been."

I don't think either of them realized that I was on the cusp of a dramatic move in my life, leaving a job I loved at BMCFerrell Advertising and launching into my own business.  I'm grateful to Ben Ferrell for 5.5 great years, and I'm going to miss the daily contact with some really great people.  But I'm really pumped about my return to the pursuit of my childhood dreams.

The company is BizDreams, and I'll be posting more info and updates in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.  I'll be working mostly with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial types developing and executing marketing and advertising strategies for top line impact.  I'll no doubt be helping some nonprofits and ministries too since I have a lot of experience with that in my background.

And while I know this announcement is not going to move the needle on anyone's Richter scale it marks a significant time for me and my wife on what has been an adventurous, challenging and profoundly interesting journey.

Mind of the Innovator

3701mindinnovator_cover I just read a very intriguing article over at by Matthew May entitled Mind of the Innovator: Taming the Traps of Traditional Thinking

In talking about the "Seven Sins of Solutions," Matthew not only uncovers those I've-experienced-that-all-too-often reasons why many business problem solving attempts fail to produce a good solution, but he gives some great pointers on how your organization can dump it's culture of insipid decision making.

Here's a brief excerpt, "We do this naturally...stifle, dismiss, and second guess the ideas of others in favor of our own.Generally speaking, whenever I conduct problem-solving workshops, groups discuss the right answer,but it doesn’t get offered up as a solution. Because members second-guess, stifle, dismiss and even distrust their own genius."

Most of you will nod your heads in quiet anguish as you read this article.  A few of you may actually make some changes after you read it.

Media Usage Per Person Drops

For the first time in a decade, media usage per person in the US has dropped according to an article in Advertising Age.

It's not that people are less interested in media, but the way in which media is being consumed is steadily changing.  For instance, instead of watching a 30-minute news broadcast, many people are scanning the news in which they have interest on a website or via RSS feeds.  Or, people who used to spend sixty minutes watching programs like Law and Order now spend only forty minutes on Tivo while they skip all the commercials.

So, while people may be spending less time overall consuming media, more than ever they are inhaling the content they determine to be entertaining and relevant.  So if your content is neither relevant nor entertaining, you should initiate the death march to the bone yard while there is still time.

Some other interesting nuggets from the article:

  • The VSS Communications Industry Forecast predicts that by 2011 the Internet will surpass newspapers and the largest ad medium in the US.
  • Advertising was the slowest-growing sector in the five-year period, as the rise in marketing and public relations came at the expense of broadcast TV, newspapers and general-interest magazines.