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Opportunity Doesn’t Always Knock

064 I’m still waiting to hear if we are officially in a recession.  In a strange way, I hope so.  For one thing, it would be a shame for so many to endure the financial malaise of the last year or so without some official label to validate the experience.

But, one of the truths about recessions is that many opportunities are born in the midst of economic darkness. 

I’ve found over the years that it usually pays to be optimistic, especially when things appear really crappy.  In the early 80’s there was much doom and gloom being purveyed by gold bugs like Howard Ruff.  He was right about some things, but the economy boomed and gold tanked. 

Many conservatives were sure that the election of Bill Clinton would spawn an economic Armageddon, but the economy surged forward.

Then there was the rapid rupturing of the dot-com bubble in 2001-02, followed by yet another recovery, even if more tepid than the 90’s.065

My point is this – it seems that every time the economic forecasts range from dour to dismal, smart leaders are preparing for the next boom.  Preparation may entail some pruning, but while you are wielding the shears be sure to keep your senses probing for an obscure opportunity.

Tomorrow’s success stories are often conceived in the thick of difficult days.