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The Inauguration

I just finished listening to President Obama's speech.  As always, his oratorical skills were magnificent.

If you've followed the cultural shift driven by generational cycles at much in the past few years, you can recognize that the President's speech was replete with "civic" generation language and devoid of the idealistic speech of the previous 40 years.  The themes of shared sacrifice, the renewal of responsibility...

A new cycle is in place, cemented by the cataclysmic economic meltdown of 2008.  Some day the children of this emerging generation will rise up, declare that their parents had it all wrong, and a new president will ride the wave of an idealistic generation into office.  But for now, we have about 35 years of a civic cycle to ride, and it matters less who is President and more the social and socio-economic cycles that carry us.  I'm glad for the change, especially since it is inevitable.

Best wishes to our new President.  Let's just not expect that he has the ability to countermand cycles, walk on water, or turn lead into gold.