Successful Christian Television
by Phil Cooke
Deconstructing a Great Ad

Starbucks Slut

I often joke with a guy at our office about being a Starbucks Slut. (I’ll bet you get the picture without any further explanation. That’s what good branding is about.)

Now, there may be people around here that drink more Starbucks than him. But he was unfortunate enough for me to observe him with a cup several days in a row, enough in my estimation for me to publicly dub him a Starbucks Slut, an identity which he still retains among the raucous ranks at Team BMC.

Names are important. Well, in this case humorous. We’ve probably all had nicknames along the way we didn’t like because they didn’t call out our true identity. Names give expression to identity. Perhaps nothing is more important to an individual or an organization than identity. Identity is at the core of branding.

Does your name suit your identity?

What kind of slut are you?

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