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21 Ways to Raise Less Money

21_best_ways_cover_finalIn her new book, The 21 Best Ways to Raise Less Money, Mary Hutchinson takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the mistakes non-profit organizations often make in the fund-raising arena.  With over 25 years experience creating direct mail packages, Mary has included dozens of helpful hints and tips about successful direct mail fund raising

Here’s a partial list of ways to raise LESS money –


  • Treat a newly acquired name the same as a newly acquired donor
  • Invest in equipment over people
  • Make it hard to give
  • Ask less
  • Rip off someone else’s package

You’ll have to get the book to get the other 16 along with the helpful remedies.  The information in this book can save non-profits a lot of money and perhaps a greater lot of headaches.  If you’re doing direct mail, or considering it, you’d be wise to invest in this book.

Mary is the President of Creative One in Westford, MA.  Contact her if you want to buy the book.

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