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A Direct Marketer Looks at Branding

Excellent article on branding from a direct marketing perspective by Steve Cuno. Very relevant for all direct marketers including media ministries. The article is also loaded with some good general branding advice.

Some quotes –

Branding, as you might imagine, is not typically what direct response agencies, like the one where I work, do. Except, well, yes it is. Because all advertising, including direct response, impacts the brand.
In short, a brand is what you, your company and your people live.
Advertising does not create a brand. In fact, some of today's strongest brands belong to remarkably quiet advertisers. There is no Nordstrom campaign touting impeccable service and upscale décor, no Barnes & Noble campaign extolling a book lover's hangout with enthusiasts eager to help you find obscure titles, no Starbucks campaign bragging about the aficionado behind the counter who can tell you the difference between coffees from around the world.

Read the whole article <- Click there.

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