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Mozilla's Firefox 1.0 Browser

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Seems like I am frequently getting security updates for Microsoft's Internet Explorer.  In my search for a "safer" browser, I've landed on Mozilla's Firefox 1.0.

So far, I like it a lot.  It's quick, functional, and for now it's not the target of hackers like IE.  I'm also playing around with Sage, the add on extension which serves as a news/RSS feed aggregator.  So far, I like it better than Pluck.

Here's the review at cNet's

Here's the link to some user reviews.  (96% positive at the time of this post)

Another article at Red Nova.

Microsoft's take at  ABC Science Online.

A blogger's review.

Use the button in the left column, or the banner above if you'd like to download it for a test drive.  It's free.

I'd be interested to hear from any geeks and techies out there about their experiences and suggestions as well as any other users with comments,  + or -.

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