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Pimp My Church

Pimp_my_ride Those of you familiar with the MTV show Pimp My Ride . . .

Church Today in a meeting with clients, a young mosaic type suggested a TV program called Pimp My Church.  I know it sounds bad to some of you rutdwellers, but it certainly gets the idea of the day from me.

On Pimp My Ride, the show finds a needy and worthy vehicle owner with a trashy heap of a car, then “pimps” it up for him/her with a total cosmetic makeover and technology package.

On Pimp My Church, we will find a needy (irrelevant and tired) church and, with the help of the astralunatics from BMC and whacked out members of the congregation, we will overhaul the church and pimp it up.  Not just a cosmetic makeover, but edgy music, a revised dress code, a pimped up message, . . . I'm not promising rawthentic changes at a spiritual level, but at least the look and the fun factor will be pimpin'.

All we need are commercial sponsors for the show . . . or, if all my friends-a could just send-a their best gift-a . . .

toda-a-a-y-a . . .

Get the vision.

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