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Stifle no more

Brad Abare over at Church Marketing Sucks has an interesting entry titled "Think Young(er)" about a 26-year-old exec over at Bang & Olufsen America.  Read Brad's article <== click there.

I was fortunate to have a boss when I hit 23 who challenged me and trusted me.  Of course, I gave him good reason but I'm sure he had to fight some of the entrenched Lilliputians in order to "bring me along."  Ron Smith died about 12 years ago, way too young, and I still miss him.

No_stiflingConsider embracing this goal - that this word - stifled - never tumble in truth from the mouths of any of those in your charge, young or old.  In fact, if there is one feeling I hate above all others it is that of being stifled. 

Some of us remember Archie Bunker telling Edith to stifle herself, as if he needed any help.  There are too many Archie's who have Peter Principled themselves into leadership today.  Be it in business management, church leadership, youth athletics coaches, parents . . .  there are just too damn many people who through intention or ineptness smother talent and deflate motivation.  It's sad because a sacred trust of the older generations is this -- to wisely shepherd the emerging generations.

If you are in leadership let me ask you this question. . . are you empowering people to grow or are you stifling them?  Why don't you ask your staff, your students, your team that question (assuming they are not too stifled to answer honestly)?  If you're an idea zapper, a dream quencher, or if you have a knack for annihilating aspirations then why don't you . . . uh, stifle yourself.

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