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The Black Hole of Corporate Branding

NjavedlargeInteresting article by Naseem Javed in the Wisconsin Technology Network newsletter entitled, "The Black Hole of Corporate Branding."

Read the Article <== click there.

Here are a couple of excerpts -

The term “branding” started out in the Dark Ages, where marks were burned onto cattle. On ever-so-slowly-evolving minds of the Homo sapiens this word also made a solid impression and provides a daily dose of comfort. Belonging to a product and a brand name, offering taste and vanity offers a security blanket. A warm fuzzy feeling when a huge name is printed on the chest. . .

Should we ban the word “branding”?

This term, so unnecessarily used by such a large number of unqualified services as a band-aid to all problems irrespective of size or type. Should this term be banned? The brand-happy agency teams are often busy chasing beaten-up ideas without a clue while a handful of experts are watching by the sidelines. Without new rules, there is no branding, and what worked on cattle may not work with the general population of the future.

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