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MingioneThanks to Martino Mingione for his comment on one of my VOD posts and for including a link to his website, which is loaded with good information. 

Here's a sample -

"In advertising, time waits for no one.

The last significant change in television advertising occurred when the audience shifted from exclusively watching three big networks and began including hundreds of niche cable networks. If anything was learned it was this: billions of dollars can be lost to a medium that is not ready to do business.

Video on demand (VOD), digital video recorders (DVR/PVR), and internet television (ipTV) are the next mediums that consumers are embracing. Fueling these are the fact that all media is going digital and there is a growing number of people who have access to broadband. By 2006, these technologies will have an undeniable effect on the CPM's that advertisers will pay for traditional spot advertising. And if that were not enough, the entire idea of television could erode as people use peer-to-peer networks like BitTorrent to share copyrighted movies and TV shows."

Here's a link to the site -  Check it out and bookmark it.  This looks like an excellent information source covering this front of the digital revolution.

Update (2/21) - Mr. Mingione has started a VOD blog at  Check it out.

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