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Pre-bankruptcy Marketing

JapanamericanThe airlines marketing gurus are at it again as Seth Godin points out on his blog - Pre-Bankruptcy Marketing.

Also, United is taking American on since American abandoned its "more leg room in coach" policy. American is adding back seats to make customers less comfortable but make more revenue for the airline by having more seats.  United is spending 20 million dollars on an ad  campaign to point this out to flyers.  It must be nice to have your competitor serve up such a nice fat softball. Click here for the article in Advertising Age.

I'm not sure it's a good investment for United to spend $20 million on this either.  The negative word of mouth from American passengers will have more impact (for free) than this whole campaign in my estimation.

Honestly, I think this leg-room decision by American will be one of the many studied by B-schools in the future as to what went wrong with the domestic airline industry.  But maybe I think that because I'm 6'4".  We'll see.  Maybe taking away leg room will turn AA around?

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