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Seth Godin's New Blog
All Marketers Are Liars

Seth_liars_blog_2Seth Godin has started a new blog following the theme of his new book - All Marketers Are Liars, to be published May, 2005.  This should prove to be a site that not only contains some interesting and useful information, but this blog should give us some further insights into the mind of Seth when it comes to launching and marketing a new book.

To go to All Marketers Are Liars Blog => click here.

To pre-order Seth's new book => click here.

It's all about the story, which is similar to what I said recently in this post.

Meanwhile, Seth's new blog looks like a lot of interesting fun. 

He's creating his own story (as are we all).

Wonder why he abandoned TypePad in favor of Silkblogs for this new blog??

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