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Jack Radio

Fast Company has an interesting article for you radio dudes and dudettes out there about a massive programming change for WCBS-FM in NYC.


Here's an excerpt - "The idea is to replicate your iPod on shuffle. The station expands the playlist from about 400-500 songs to 1,200, goes from one format to having elements of about 10 formats, cuts down the chatter--the new Jack-FM has no DJs--and hopes to fend off you turning off your car radio in favor of whatever podcast you just downloaded.

It's an interesting strategy, obviously meant to compete not only with iPod but also with satellite radio."

Maybe the strategy is interesting, but it sounds jacked to me.  People who want that format already have an iPod (with their choices of songs) or satellite radio to choose from.  Let's see what happens.  I think it will fail.  Broadening the format to try to attract more listeners would be like competing with Amazon by trying to sell books door to door.  The strategies that worked in previous wars aren't always relevant in today's conflicts.

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