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NIKE Steers Advertising Toward Reality Anatomy

456NEW YORK ( -- In the latest nod to “real” women -- and the latest blow to the wafer-thin body image -- Nike has introduced a campaign that celebrates women’s “big butts, thunder thighs and tomboy knees.”

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The shift continues away from the surreal and plastic (Britney Spears, James Bond, etc.) toward more realistic, flawed and even cynical icons (Jason Bourne, The Closer, Eminem, etc.).  We are in the midst of a major cultural shift from an idealistic age to a civic age.  It's a cycle.  We used to want our heroes to be the ideal.  The untouchable.  Now we want them real.  Whether Nike's effort is real or just fauxreal is questionable.  Some worthy opinions have been logged -


Marketing to Women Online

Some day (in about 40 years) this trend will reverse and the next generation, offing the ideals of today's emerging generation (their parents), will opt for the idealistic once again.  But for now, getting real is a trend, not a fad.  Be sure you are on board.  Really on board.

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