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FCC Reports Favors A La Carte Cable

510_2 In a report released today, the FCC supported the enactment of legislation that would make a la carte cable TV a reality.  Claiming that consumers could save as much as 13% with a choice on which channels they want and don't want, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin's report flies in the face of the cable industry's contention that bundling channels provides the best value for consumers.

Here are a couple of articles if you want more information -

USA Today


A la carte would mean that cable customers could pick and choose and pay for just the individual channels they want to have included in their service package rather than having only bundled options.  There has been some concern among cable networks that a la carte would significantly reduce the number of homes carrying their signal.  This will take some time to work out.  First there would have to be legislation.  Then implementation.  Then response by the cable consumers.

In the end, consumers will be voting with their wallets.  It seems good from an overall economic standpoint, but survival of the fittest may reach a new intensity among cable networks as they have to compete head to head for subscribers from house to house.

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