OfficeMax Dumps TV in Favor of Internet Strategy
Online Video vs Television

Interesting Video on Digital Text

I found this video fascinating.  The world of communication is morphing quickly and we are just now in the early stages of the impact on our culture.  I wonder what higher education will look like in ten years.  How are high-priced institutions of learning going to stay relevant and needed when there are much less expensive ways of delivering information and instruction?  Why pay $179 for a textbook when there is so much information available online for free? 

Will the classroom of tomorrow be a room?  Will a diploma have the same weight as it does today?  The institutions of education are no longer such exclusive repositories of knowledge.  What will keep colleges relevant?  Perhaps it will be having professors who can actually teach.  Most of us have had professors who had knowledge, but were inept in conveying it.  Now, a brilliant professor who can actually teach and communicate might be able to instruct thousands of students instead of dozens.  And the primary beneficiary would be the students (customers).

Think about the other areas of society.  How will this shift of power from institutions to people affect your kernel of existence?

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