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Media Usage Per Person Drops

For the first time in a decade, media usage per person in the US has dropped according to an article in Advertising Age.

It's not that people are less interested in media, but the way in which media is being consumed is steadily changing.  For instance, instead of watching a 30-minute news broadcast, many people are scanning the news in which they have interest on a website or via RSS feeds.  Or, people who used to spend sixty minutes watching programs like Law and Order now spend only forty minutes on Tivo while they skip all the commercials.

So, while people may be spending less time overall consuming media, more than ever they are inhaling the content they determine to be entertaining and relevant.  So if your content is neither relevant nor entertaining, you should initiate the death march to the bone yard while there is still time.

Some other interesting nuggets from the article:

  • The VSS Communications Industry Forecast predicts that by 2011 the Internet will surpass newspapers and the largest ad medium in the US.
  • Advertising was the slowest-growing sector in the five-year period, as the rise in marketing and public relations came at the expense of broadcast TV, newspapers and general-interest magazines.
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