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Mind of the Innovator

3701mindinnovator_cover I just read a very intriguing article over at by Matthew May entitled Mind of the Innovator: Taming the Traps of Traditional Thinking

In talking about the "Seven Sins of Solutions," Matthew not only uncovers those I've-experienced-that-all-too-often reasons why many business problem solving attempts fail to produce a good solution, but he gives some great pointers on how your organization can dump it's culture of insipid decision making.

Here's a brief excerpt, "We do this naturally...stifle, dismiss, and second guess the ideas of others in favor of our own.Generally speaking, whenever I conduct problem-solving workshops, groups discuss the right answer,but it doesn’t get offered up as a solution. Because members second-guess, stifle, dismiss and even distrust their own genius."

Most of you will nod your heads in quiet anguish as you read this article.  A few of you may actually make some changes after you read it.

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