Seth Godin on Sliced Bread and other Remarkable Ideas

Opening a New Chapter

Biz_dreams_logo_color_cmyk_640_x__2 A friend of mine shared a quote with me about 11 days ago attributed to Dan Rather, "Don't start over so late that it's too late to start over."  Then just yesterday another good friend quoted George Eliot to me, "It's never too late to be who you might have been."

I don't think either of them realized that I was on the cusp of a dramatic move in my life, leaving a job I loved at BMCFerrell Advertising and launching into my own business.  I'm grateful to Ben Ferrell for 5.5 great years, and I'm going to miss the daily contact with some really great people.  But I'm really pumped about my return to the pursuit of my childhood dreams.

The company is BizDreams, and I'll be posting more info and updates in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.  I'll be working mostly with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial types developing and executing marketing and advertising strategies for top line impact.  I'll no doubt be helping some nonprofits and ministries too since I have a lot of experience with that in my background.

And while I know this announcement is not going to move the needle on anyone's Richter scale it marks a significant time for me and my wife on what has been an adventurous, challenging and profoundly interesting journey.

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