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Auto Industry Accelerates Internet Advertising

From Marketing Pilgrim -

"There’s a new study by the Kelsey Group talking about online auto advertising. Budgets are rising from 5% this year to 13% in 2011. Money spent for TV advertising is slowing down. Like newspapers, the auto industry is suffering and looking for ways to revive sales, and channeling more into the Internet and less into traditional advertising. ”

Kelsey Group estimates automakers’ 2008 U.S. ad spending will be flat or down slightly. CEO Neal Polachek said carmakers will shift more dollars online and to out-of-home, with declines in TV, magazines, newspapers and direct mail.

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I was fishing with a good friend a few years ago.  We were pummeling the east bank of a small inlet at Skiatook Lake near evening on a beautiful fall day, but catching nada.  We heard some noise and looked across the water to the west to see a rather large school of fish thrashing the surface in a feeding frenzy.  For some reason we smiled and continued our mindless ritual of casting into the still waters on our side of the inlet.  Then after a few more minutes of being disturbed by all of the feeding fifty yards astern, our eyes met and we both had the same revelatory thought - "Let's go over where the fish are feeding."  And sure enough, our luck changed. 

I mean, it's all luck you know.

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