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Cell Phones In Flight?

I'm not too excited about the prospect of in-flight cell phone usage coming to America.  About 1 in 17.3 people think that cell phones have adapted can-and-string technology which requires that they raise their voices to banshee levels in order to be heard not only by the other party, but also to prove to everyone in earshot how important they are.

It's bad enough that the widest people in the gate lounge will always end up in a middle seat, but now their unmitigated sprawl will be supplemented by the opportunity to bellow on their I-don't-have-a-clue-about-all-these-features Blackberry totem from gate to gate.

Please, let's not give the flying public any more opportunities to wax inconsiderate.  Most of us can't wait until the cabin door closes so that the "Turn off all electronic devices..." announcement mutes (reluctantly) the boorish quasi-elite as they bluster in condescending tones to the workers back at the office.

So please nix in-flight cell phone usage.  Let's also outlaw use of cell phones in the airport bathroom stalls.  There's just something about it that's not right.

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