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Google Moving into Newpaper Advertising

The London Times reports that Google is augmenting AdWords, its search engine advertising program, with Google Print Ads which will allow Google clients to bid for ad space in participating newpapers with GOOG receiving a slice of the revenue for each deal struck.  Google already has a similar program for radio advertising, and you can expect that eventually the Google-pus will have it’s tentacles into most forms of online and offline advertising (note its recent $3.1 billion merger with Double Click).

We could be close to the day when many businesses will be able to manage their media placement (online and off) through the Google-opoly.  This will be good for businesses (and also for Google) who will be able to buy much of their media through a centralized platform that is bid-based, making the already irrelevant rate card move several steps closer to extinction.

There’s still a big place for offline advertising, and Google is smart to make a play into that space to render additional value to its growing army of clients. 

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