The Role of Strategic Planning
Auto Industry Accelerates Internet Advertising

Local Web Advertising

Forecast: Spending will triple in 2008, to $1.3B

From Media Life Magazine - "Local online advertising will once again be hot in 2008; that hasn’t changed. What is changing, however, is how this advertising is delivered, compared to past years when banners and pop-ups dominated, and who is selling it. "

Some other points from the article:

  • A shift out of banners ads and into search, email, video and promotions
  • Local online video ads will triple in 2008
  • Local media companies (newspapers, radio, TV, etc.) must develop internet-only sales staffs to compete

If you own a local business or lead another local organization you need to be tuned in to the huge impact the Internet is having on the local advertising market.  Perhaps nowhere is the cultural shift creating a bigger impact than in advertising and media.

A good time to get started on a local Internet-based campaign would be now.

But first get a plan.  (See previous post)

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