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The Role of Strategic Planning

I’ve been exposed to a lot of different organizations.  Large to small businesses, churches and ministries, schools and government agencies.  And families.

Larger businesses tend to do a better job of strategic planning since they have more resources and have advanced from a start-up and growth phase where planning is more difficult and tends to be pushed down the ladder of priorities.  But the other organizations I mentioned need some semblance of planning in place in order to maximize their effectiveness.

My long-time friend and former professor, Dr. Henry Migliore dedicated his life to the study and practice of planning and management.  From individuals to large corporations he worked to help people benefit from the process of making strategic plans and I’ve been able to help a number of people over the years using his methods.

As I am working now with businesses and ministries who want to grow and flourish, I find that few have a written plan as a road map.  If you are a leader in any organization you move to adopting some system of strategic planning and management.  No system is perfect, but time and again I am seeing the lack of planning as a serious hindrance to growth.

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