Is Hillary Caught in the Generational Shift?
Leadership this Leap Year

Learning from Barack

060 Michele Miller has a great article over at Future Now discussing Barack Obama's communication style and why he seems to be hitting such a chord with voters when Hillary was expected to run away with the nomination.  Here's a freshman senator in the thick of the race for President.  No, this is not a political endorsement for Obama, but we can all learn some things from him.

His campaign theme, "Yes We Can!"  Simple. Positive. Inclusive.  He's making his campaign about you rather than about himself.  It has a collective rather than individualistic theme.  He and/or his advisers have an awareness of the emerging culture.

Look at Barack's website.  Then look at McCain's.  And Hillary's.  See the difference?

Read Michele's article.  Then consider your own marketing.  Is it all about you?  The Clinton mystique and communication style worked in the 90's.  But this is a watershed year for cultural change.  What used to work is no longer working.  Have you been noticing this at all? 

Study what's working.

And change.

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