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How can I have a more productive year? ~ Hitting the January-May Window

How will this year be different?

001-2011 In many ways, each year is different.  But what we imply when we ask this question is  - Will my circumstances be different (better) at the end of 2011 than at the end of 2010?

Several factors weigh on the answer to that question.  Some out of our control.  Some not.

Most people will wind up in pretty much the same circumstances at the end of this year.   The main reason?  Changing circumstances usually involves changing our behavior and that change has to be preceded by a change in thinking or even a change in believing.

But change is not comfortable.  And most of us will opt for comfort over change.  We are comfortable talking about change…wishing and hoping for change.  When it comes to doing change, we usually opt out or peter out.

We feel the excitement of a “new” start at the beginning of a new year, but in truth, that feeling fades rather quickly as we return to the same ruts of thinking where we have remain comfortably ensconced for years.

Often, what we really want is to “have changed.”  And until we confront this truth about ourselves, we won’t embrace the discomfort that comes from change…even helpful change. 

So, do you want to change?  Or do you want to “have changed”?

My hope and wish for you this new year is not “Good luck,” but rather for “Good choosing.”

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