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The Boys of Summer

Last weekend I attended my grandsons' first T-ball game.Tball2

Tball1Pure fun.

About the only rule any kid remembered was to hit the ball and run (sometimes had to be reminded to run).  Mass confusion on defense every time the ball was hit into play.  Coaches and parents all trying to give helpful direction. 

It's a wonderful thing to watch children simply enjoy the fun of the moment.  Didn't matter who won. Nobody even keeping score.  Swing.  Run to first. Scamper to second. Plant a totally unnecessary slide at home, just to get dirty. 

As adults we remembered.  And yearned.

Beware boys of summer, for there lies a road of domestication ahead of you.  Well meaning adults will channel you down a familiar and well-worn way.  A path of rules, conditional acceptance, limited options, and a paucity of fun.  You will be ill equipped to resist unless you somehow cling to that kernel of life your heart discovered somewhere between second and third.

Remember how this feels.  Remember the delight.. the abandonment… the carefreeness of it all.  You may have to play along with the adults for a time, but hold on to your heart.  Don't surrender your winsome spirit, your positive outlook, your childhood dreams.

Don't give up on fun.

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