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Wired for Struggle

WiringSome time back I watched a TED video by Brene Brown.  She was talking about raising children and how most parents are obsessed with trying to make their child’s life as easy and free from difficulty as possible. 

It’s almost like we think a life that goes smoothly is the optimal life.  Yet, Dr. Brown points out, children are born into this world “wired for struggle.”  And while being alive and staying alive may not be the same struggle it was thousands of years ago, every human is faced with almost continuous struggles throughout life. 

And this is normal.

So whatever your struggles are today, know this…you were born wired for struggle.  You may not know how to sing, dance, paint, solve quadratic equations, program a mobile app, or pilot a missile-laden drone, but this you know inately…you know how to struggle.  And you’ve been doing it since birth.

It seems that the nature of struggles often change over our lives.  But if we realize that we were all born gifted for struggle, maybe it will add some hope and enjoyment to our journies. 

Sometimes just a small tweak in perspective can produce a tidy dividend. 

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