Good Brochure Design

We've all seen plenty of brochures (and websites) that fail to accomplish their purposes.

Here's a pretty good article with tips on good brochure design.

5-Minute Brochure Design Trash Test

I think the creative process for every brochure (or website, etc.) needs to start with a purpose statement for that promotional asset.  Too many organizations waste money on creative projects that are designed to please "the boss" rather than accomplish their purpose in the marketplace. And it's almost always best for the purpose to be narrow and focused rather than broad and scattered.

Really good creative requires strategery - a well thought out strategy combined with effective imagery.  And strategy begins with understanding purpose... what are we trying to accomplish here anyway?  Then every element of that creative asset needs to be molded around its purpose, or eliminated.

Purpose provides a critical touch point in the creative process. 

I'm amazed I see it used so infrequently.

Teens Willing to Pay $500 for iPhone

052 High school teens say they'll plunk down $500 for an iPhone.

85% are aware of the iPhone.  Of those, 25% say they would be willing to spend $500 (the indicated price when the iPhone goes on sale this summer) to own the device.

Devices such as this are providing the technological context for our massive cultural shift.  What does this survey tell us about the increasing cultural impact of the emerging generation?

  • It's a personal communications device.  Emphasis on personal. Teens nearly have a relationship with their cell phones and iPods.  Now, both in one device.  Computers are not as portable or personal.  Neither are flat screens and subwoofers.
  • It's a wide screen iPod.  Great for watching downloaded video.  While you walk.  Or ride.  Or anything else.  It's not G3 compatible (yet) so it won't play mobile broadcast video.  But that will likely change. 
  • It's a totem of cool.  Having an iPhone may be more important to your image than the car you drive.  At least with teens.  What car allows you to be so connected with your friends?
  • It has much improved internet browsing compared to other cell phones.  This laptop of mine is starting to look like a boat anchor.
  • You can sync contacts on the iPhone with your computer.  Can you imagine the day when your personal communications device will be the key to your home and car?  Instead of a debit card you have a debit chip in your iPhone.  Or maybe someday download a movie to your iPhone and then play it back through a wireless connection to your 102-inch flat screen?
  • I think this generation will be collaborators.  All this connectedness will pay big dividends as they mature and use their implicit communications skills to pool collective wisdom and solve problems that loners could not subdue.

Methinks the future is looking pretty good. 

Especially for AAPL.

Jeff Jarvis at VON Conference

050_2 If you are involved in any area of digital content production then you should take 36:34 of your time and view this talk by Jeff Jarvis (Buzzmachine) at the Video on the Net Conference.

Link to video

Link to Jeff's notes

You will understand better what is meant by "mass media is losing its mass."  You will also glean some great nuggets as to why video on the net is causing an explosion in television. 

Big media is no longer in control of the conversation.  For you, giving up control means gaining influence.  It's important you understand how to adapt to this dynamic cultural change.

Brilliant stuff, Jeff.

Thanks to Hugh at gapingvoid for the point.

Interesting Video on Digital Text

I found this video fascinating.  The world of communication is morphing quickly and we are just now in the early stages of the impact on our culture.  I wonder what higher education will look like in ten years.  How are high-priced institutions of learning going to stay relevant and needed when there are much less expensive ways of delivering information and instruction?  Why pay $179 for a textbook when there is so much information available online for free? 

Will the classroom of tomorrow be a room?  Will a diploma have the same weight as it does today?  The institutions of education are no longer such exclusive repositories of knowledge.  What will keep colleges relevant?  Perhaps it will be having professors who can actually teach.  Most of us have had professors who had knowledge, but were inept in conveying it.  Now, a brilliant professor who can actually teach and communicate might be able to instruct thousands of students instead of dozens.  And the primary beneficiary would be the students (customers).

Think about the other areas of society.  How will this shift of power from institutions to people affect your kernel of existence?

Re-read a Book in Less Than 15 Minutes

Interesting article over at on using Mind Mapping to re-read a book in less than 15 minutes.

Several good links from the article as well.

I started using Mindjet's MindManager software a few months ago and really like it.  I am going to take a look at iMindMap when I switch over to the new MacBook Pro.

Newsroom Confidential

Newsroomjan07 Just finished a media relations course today in Austin at Wizard AcademyDean Rotbart taught the course and it was two days of fast-paced working and learning about how the world of news media really works.  And of course the Wizard himself, Roy Williams, dropped in to download some of his latest thinking and dreams.

Like every other course I've taken at Wizard Academy, this one was outstanding.  It's such an exciting time to be alive.  All of the old school ways in advertising, PR, sales, etc. are all on life support and people who can adapt to the changing culture are in for a great ride.

Going Amateur

From TechDirt -

"Instead of hiring professional concert documentary crews, a growing number of bands are handing the concert documentary process over to their fans, relying on amateur video to generate low-cost promotional material while increasing fan appreciation in the process. The Beastie Boys had some success with this idea recently..."


Of course, this isn't the answer to most video production needs.  But it could be for some.  Be sure to take note of the need for a patient editor.