I Like Hockey

063 It's 12:49 AM Eastern Time and I just finished watching Game 5 of the Stanley Cup between the visiting Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings.  Even though Detroit dominated most phases of the game, the Pens won 4-3 on a power play goal in triple overtime.  HD television makes it easier to watch the game and track the puck movement.  It was a great game.  Back to Mellon Arena for game 6.

Steelers v Browns at Heinz

Me Willie It was really cold in Pittsburgh last Thursday.  Then the temperature started to plunge.  By game time we had sub-zero wind chills.  The Browns managed to drop 8 or 9 passes which provided great fuel for the hecklers sitting nearby.  Big Ben looked pretty good and Willie Parker set a single game Steeler rushing record with 223 yards. 

A memorable night punctuated by the cold.  Steelers won 27-7.  They haven't been doing enough of that this year.

But, there's always next year.

One for the Thumb

532 Hard to believe it's been 26 years since my dad, brother and I watched the Steel Curtain and the Terry Bradshaw led offense win four Super Bowls.  The thumb ring was a long time coming. 

Great game.  Seahawks outplayed Pittsburgh the first half but were still down 7-3.  The Steeler defense bent, but didn't break.  So the 6th seed in the AFC beats the #1 seed in the NFC.

533 It was an interesting match up between a rust belt city and the home of Microsoft and Starbucks.  For someone who grew up near Pittsburgh, it was a highly satisfying win.  Congrats to Cowher, The Bus, Big Ben and the rest.  A stellar season consistent with a great tradition.

Steelers Blast into Super Bowl

530_1It's always great when your predictions work out.  I thought Blitzburgh had a great shot at beating the Broncos at Mile High, and they did not disappoint me (or legions of fans everywhere).  Entering the AFC playoffs as the #6 seed, they defeated the #3, #1, and #2 seeds to earn a trip to Detroit for the Super Bowl.

529I am glad we didn't have to play New England in Foxboro this week, but Big Ben, Bettis and the rest have certainly earned their spot with three back-to-back-to-back road wins.

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Steelers Getting There the Hard Way

523_1I don't often yell at the television during a sporting event.  Even more rare is the pogo-stick reaction where I bounce around the room like the Tasmanian Devil.  The final minute of today's Steelers/Colts game brought out both.  My hands are still quivering a bit as I let this victory soak in.

524_1After dominating most of the game on both sides of the football, the Steelers let the Colts back in with two fourth-quarter touchdowns.  Then on 4th and 16 from the Indy 12, the Steelers sacked Manning on the two-yard line for what was sure to be the game-clinching play.  On the ensuing play, Jerome Bettis fumbled and the Colts ran it back to their 42-yard line.  Five plays later Mike Vanderjagt missed the game-tying field goal allowing Pittsburgh to escape with the 21-18 win and head to Denver for next week's AFC Championship game.

525_1As I mentioned in an earlier post, I did not expect the Steelers to win in the dome at Indy.  But they now become the first #6 seed to ever make it to the conference championship game.  And, they did it in the middle of my grandson's first birthday party which made it even more special for him and me.  I'm also grateful that Jerome Bettis didn't end a Hall of Fame career with a game-deciding fumble.  But my heart does go out to Tony Dungy who's had to suffer so much in the last month.

I like the Steelers chances against the BroncosBig Ben is ready to play.  It should be a great game.

Game story at FOX

Game story at ESPN.

A Wildcard Ain't So Bad

512The Steelers made it as the 6th and final seed in the AFC Sunday by beating the Lions 35-21 at Heinz Field.  The great Jerome Bettis scored 3 touchdowns.  But, as long as they can last, all of their playoff games will be road games.  It does beat sitting at home next week.  Just ask the Cowboys.

My predictions - I see the Steelers beating the Bengals at Cincy next week.  The black and gold are not in an injury-riddled slump like the last time they met.  Then the Steelers will travel to Denver and hand the Broncos a big disappointment.  Bad weather might help the Broncos with Jacksonville or Indy, but not with Pittsburgh.  Then sadly, the season will end for Blitzburgh in the AFC finals again with a hard fought loss at that wretched dome built for those sissies in Indianapolis.

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